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5 Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021

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    Alabama has a  lot to offer to anyone eager enough to move here. And with all the sights to see, you can rest assured that you will surely enjoy Alabama a lot. In the following article, we’ll tell you more about the best Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021. Maybe this guide will help you decide that here is where you want to be. And if you are having trouble moving, you should get moving help Birmingham AL. It is the safest way to organize your move and enjoy these landmarks. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to it!

    One of the best Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021 is the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

    This museum is very popular among both locals and tourists because it’s home to a big permanent collection. And that collection is based on American art and culture. One of the most prized possessions of this museum are watercolors, engravings, drawings, etchings, and many woodcuts that you will absolutely enjoy seeing. They are preserved quite well as well. And that is no simple task. Many prominent artists found a home for their work just here. Artists like Winslow Homer or John Marin are featured here with many others as well. Also, if you enjoy regional and for art and artists, then you will surely enjoy one of the extensive exhibits placed here. There is also an African art collection with a lot of porcelain and other decorative pieces. And if you enjoy glassworks, then this is the place for you. Here you can enjoy a lot of beautiful art pieces from many different artists. The most important part is that the museum is hosting many educational programs.

    Montgomery as one of the Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021
    Montgomery Museum of Fine Art is one of the Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021

    This is maybe one of the top reasons why people move to Montgomery from any part of Alabama. This place offers a lot of things to anyone who wants to make a living here. So if you are moving from Mountain Brook to Montgomery soon, then make sure everything goes according to the plan by hiring movers Mountain Brook AL. That way you can focus on how you can enjoy this place more.

    Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

    Do you enjoy vintage cars and bikes? Then welcome to one of the best museums for you. With over 1.400 bikes in their collection, the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum can say that they can show you one of the earliest and rarest bike models you saw. Bikes are rotated regularly so you will have to visit a couple of times to see them all. What made this museum so popular is the fact that it was opened by George Barber.One former race car driver thought about preserving the memory of these great machines. Maybe the most interesting part of this museum is that it has a race track that is open to the public. And one of the main attractions is that tourists can take driving lessons from the famous Porche Driving School. This is a very good thing because it allows people to get closer to motorsports.

    a parked old school motorbike
    There are many motorbikes on display

    If you are a car or motorcycle enthusiast as well, then you will certainly enjoy this place as well. And if you are starting your own collection, then you would want to keep it in the best condition possible. One of the ways to keep cars safe is by renting storage units. They come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. Meaning you can look for professional storage services AL that can keep your cars and bikes safe at all time. This is very important if you wish to maintain their quality for a long time.

    Mobile Bay

    What makes this place so beautiful to visit is that is set along the Gulf of Mexico. This scenic area is a coastline like you never saw before. Historical beaches attract many locals and tourists throughout the year. And you can enjoy Dauphin Island as well. This island also has a lot of things you can see and enjoy. Some of them are historic Fort Gaines. Swimmers enjoy this place because they can swim in a freshwater lake. This is exactly why this place is popular among many newcomers in Alabama. There are many things you can do in the outdoors and literally enjoy nature. And if you plan on moving in a hurry, then we are happy to tell you that once you are done with your moving preparation, you can enjoy this place a lot. Make sure to spend more time researching about it before leaving.

    U.S Space and Rocket Center

    Located in Huntsville, this place is an attraction for everyone who enjoys science. With interactive experiences, presentations, exhibits, and the biggest spacecraft collection you will ever witness, you will surely enjoy every minute of the visit. As a Smithsonian Affiliate, this place also provides the visitors with a lot of information about NASA and the space race during the Cold War. You can also enjoy National Geographic Theater or many other multimedia presentations here. There is also a model of the International Space Station. On which you can see a lot. And if you are interested to learn more, you can always get a virtual tour of the International Space Station. In it, you can learn how astronauts live in space.

    image of the International Space Station
    There is a small model of the International Space Station here

    USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

    One of the greatest places in Alabama you can visit is this Memorial Park, Here you can find Battleships that are docked. Most of them are decommissioned battleships after WWII. There are many tours you can take and see for yourself just how magnificent these ships are made. Visiting the bridge, captain’s cabin, turrets, and mess hall can be a big experience. You can also see a submarine that is used during WWII. But that is not all! You can also see a lot of different aircraft! If you really enjoy military stuff, then here is where you need to be.

    There are many more Alabama landmarks you should visit in 2021, but to write about them all would take a lot of pages. These are our top 5 picks you should definitely visit this year. We hope we helped you with your plans and invite you to read other interesting articles we have written. You can find them in our blog.


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