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All you should know about moving insurance

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When relocating, the first thing you should do is to hire a reliable moving company. The second thing is to get moving insurance. Even though you will have to spend a little extra money, it will surely be worth it. There are many benefits of moving insurance and you should certainly be familiar with all of them. For this reason, we are going to let you know all you should know about moving insurance.

You will preserve your peace of mind

This is probably the most important benefit of moving insurance. There is nothing during the relocating process like not being under stress constantly. Should you get the insurance, you will know that you are secured even if something bad happens. In case some of your items disappear, get damaged or broken, the insurance company is going to give you a refund.

A worried woman
Avoid stressing yourself and get moving insurance

Of course, if you have some items of great emotional value, you can either get larger insurance for them or keep them with you all the time. By doing this, you will know that the movers will be more careful or that you yourself will be the one to safely transport your belongings to your new home. Make your move less stressful and get the insurance.

Ask your movers for a piece of advice

In case you do not know where to start with your relocation, it is advisable to hire a moving company first. Once you do this, everything else will be much easier since you will know that you have a reliable moving partner by your side. For example, feel free to put your trust in Park Moving & Storage. This is a mover that will do everything in order to meet your moving needs. As a matter of fact, they can give you some pieces of advice on the matter. Feel free to get in touch with the insurance company in question and you will get all the answers you need. They will inform you about their rates and what items you should definitely get insurance for.

Make sure you get moving insurance if you are relocating on your own

Moving by yourself is certainly something that requires a lot of time as well as great organizational skills. On occasion like this, you should not forget about getting moving insurance. This should especially be the case if you are relocating for the first time. You may wonder why you should do this since you have decided to save some money and not hire a mover.

A couple carrying boxes
If you are relocating on your own, it is advisable to get moving insurance in order to feel more secured

The answer is simple- it can happen that some of your items get damaged. In this case, the insurance company is going to compensate it to you. You will not be the one who will have to pay for those belongings of yours. Basically, you will spend a little more money than you have planned but you will not have to be upset if your cabinet gets scratched or your TV gets smashed.

There will be no need for you to spend a great amount of money on insurance

When you think about moving insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is having to spend a great amount of money on it. However, you should know that this does not have to be the case. Namely, what you should do is to ask several companies about their rates. Since not all of them charge the same, you will have not have to spend a fortune in order to get the policy. Of course, you should know that this is going to affect the refunding part. It usually means that, if the insurance is higher, the refund will be higher as well. Anyway, this should not discourage you. Even if you get a cheaper insurance policy, it does not mean that you are going to get a really low refund.

Ask the insurance company what the insurance covers

The most important thing you should do when getting insurance is to ask about all the details. This especially applies to what the insurance covers and whatnot. For example, there are many occasions on which the insurance company does not find themself responsible.

A woman talking on the phone
Feel free to get in touch with the insurance company and ask them everything you would like to know

Similarly, they can refuse sometimes to give you a refund because the damage is not ‘big enough’ or because the damage is not significant. So, what you should do is either to give them a call or to visit them and ask for all the answers you need.

Different types of moving insurance

The basic thing you should know about moving insurance is that there are several types of it. They are the following:

  • full value protection– you will get a full replacement of your damaged items. However, you will have to pay a premium upfront,
  • released value protection– this is the most basic coverage option. This is a type of insurance your mover can provide you with and you will have no extra costs, but you will have only minimal coverage,
  • third party options– this is additional insurance that can protect your quite valuable belongings.

As you have had a chance to see, getting moving insurance will be more than beneficial to you. First of all, you will know that you will get a refund in case some of your items get damaged. In addition to this, you will avoid stressing yourself since the safety of your belongings will not be something you will worry about. So, the only thing you should do is to think about what kind of insurance suits you best and get it.

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