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Avoid Unpacking Procrastination With These Tips!

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    After a big move, you’re ready to settle into your home and get started on your fresh start! One thing that might get in the way, unpacking. While packing and moving have deadlines, getting all of your belongings unpacked is up to you and when you choose to take time to do it. Honestly, it can feel just as overwhelming as everything else. It isn’t something you want to wait around on but it can be difficult to jump right in and get it all done. These tips will help you get a jumpstart on unpacking so you can finally start to call your new place “home.”



    Take out your calendar and set a realistic date of when you want to have all of your belongings unpacked. If it helps, plan the deadlines you want for specific rooms in your home. Want to have all of your guest room unpacked? Set a deadline for next Friday! Be sure to write them on the calendar too so that you have them in front of you during the process.


    Start Small First

    The last thing you want to do right after an exhausting move is do the big stuff first! Unpacking your bedroom closet or entire kitchen can seem like a lot all at once. Why not start small? Unpack the things that belong in your hall closet first or the things that go under your sink in the bathroom! Once you’ve rested up a bit from your move, you can take on the bigger tasks!


    Turn Up The Music

    If you were in a movie, this would be time for a montage! Create the perfect playlist right from your phone and crank up the tunes. It’s better to have music on instead of the TV because it keeps you from getting distracted.


    Break Down Boxes As You Go

    Unpacking can seem even more overwhelming when you’ve got a ton of boxes stacked up in the middle of your room. As you empty a box, take some time to break the box down so as you’re going you can truly see how much you have left to unpack before getting overwhelmed at the mountain of boxes leaning against the wall.


    You do it when you reach other milestones, why not when you’re unpacking? Have a pizza and movie night when you unpack your living room or tell yourself that it’s okay to scroll through social media for 5 minutes after you’ve been unpacking for 30. Throwing little celebrations as you go through your to-do list is a great way to stay motivated!


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