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Best Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals

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    Moving as a young professional can be rough. Especially if you can’t decide where to move to Birmingham. There are a lot of good neighborhoods but maybe not that good for your desires. This is why we thought about this issue and wrote a simple guide you can follow. Here you can learn what are the best Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals and what to expect from them. You should read this before planning any move.

    Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals – Forest Park

    Are you looking for a small neighborhood with 4,000 people living there? Want to enjoy peace but also want to feel like living in a big city? Then Forest Park is just the place to move to. This neighborhood in Birmingham can offer you the best living conditions. It is located in Jefferson County and it is home to many young professionals. There are a lot of parks, restaurants, bars, and other places where you can enjoy a good night out and meet other young professionals. As far as political views go, you can say that this place is moderate.

    woman searching for the best Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals
    Forest Park is one of the best Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals

    The area feels like an urban-suburban mix. The median home value is $300,000 with the rent going to $1,000. As far as the rent vs owning a home ratio goes, you can say its almost 50/50. So, according to your income, you should choose what is the best solution for you. And if you decide to buy a home, then you will need to make a budget. Therefore, you can’t spend your money recklessly. If you are moving to Birmingham, you will be happy to know that there are affordable movers. All you have to do is reach Birmingham moving companies and move. Trust us, it is better to have professionals at your side, than to spend money on fraudulent amateurs.

    Glen Iris is a nice place to move to

    Another nice Birmingham neighborhood you can move to is Glen Iris. A lot of young professionals have decided to settle here so why not you? Approximately 10,000 people are living here. It is also located in Jefferson County and it is considered the nicest place to be. The urban living vibe you will get here is very unique. And if you enjoy a lot of nightlife, then you can rest assured knowing that there are some coffee shops, clubs, parks,  and restaurants you can visit. As far as political views go, Glen Iris is more liberal.

    a home
    A lot of people rent their homes here

    As far as median home value goes, it is a bit lower. It goes around $230,000 while the rent is also around $1,000. The majority of people rent their places here. People tend to lead minimalistic lives here. Meaning they do not want to overcrowd their homes with some items they do not use anymore. On other hand, some much enjoy having a nice piece of furniture in their homes. If you are one of them and want to transport them safely, then we suggest you hire furniture liquidators Birmingham AL. Don’t worry about the safety of your furniture when it is in the hands of capable movers.

    Central City

    This neighborhood is very small. And it is made just for young people who want to live in peace. Located in Jefferson County, it has a population of around 2,600 people. With an urban feel, you can rest assured that you are not missing anything by living here. Parks, recreations, restaurants, bars, other places you can enjoy, will surely leave a positive mark on your life here. It is also considered as a liberal neighborhood.

    Meal on a plate
    You can enjoy a lot of different meals in many restaurants here

    The majority of people rent their places here. Rent goes for $1,000 while the median home value is $200,000. So, if Central City is where you want to go, then get ready to rent a place here. There are a lot of things you need to think about here. One of them is searching for a place to rent. And if you have to plan a relocation at the same time, then you are in for a hard time. Luckily, you can always count on the help of good movers Trussville AL for your move. Having professionals helping you will allow you to spend more time looking for a home to rent. 

    Crestwood North

    Considered as one of the places with moderate political views, Crestwood North is a place with a lot of young professionals who decided to move to this Birmingham neighborhood.  Around 2,350 people are living in this sparse suburban place. Most people do their own homes here. This means that the people who decided to settle here are serious, hard-working people with careers. You can also enjoy nightlife and occasional lunch in many places in Crestwood North. And if you plan to be like them, then you should know more tips and tricks on working hard. It will pay off almost instantly.

    The median home value is a lower here, revolving around $190, 000, while rent is a bit higher, $1,200. Although the rent is a bit higher, you can know that there are people who still own their homes here. If you are opting to buy a home here then you will have to organize everything. Starting with your move, paperwork, bank, buying a home, etc. It can get stressful doing this. This is why you need to know all the tips to organize an easy move. It will save you a lot of time you can use to plan other things as well.

    There are not many places where you as a young professional can move. But, we gathered here what we believe to be the best Birmingham AL neighborhoods for professionals. With our list, you will surely have no issues when deciding where you want to move.

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