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Commercial Relocation: Tips for Moving Your Business

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    Being a small (or large) business owner comes with a lot of stress. But what happens when you need to move your operating business to a new physical address? Relocating your business is no small task. Executing a move of any kind is difficult, but moving a functioning business adds even more layers of difficulty. In today’s article, we’re sharing some tips to help your business moving Birmingham go smoothly.

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    Plan Your Move in Accordance With Your Schedule

    This first tip may seem like common sense, but it’s actually a little slip-up that we see happen in commercial moving from time to time. Always plan your business move around your business’s schedule. If you have a peak season, then we suggest avoiding the move during that time. You want to be sure that you have enough time to handle your operational demands while executing the move. If you have the business flexibility to temporarily close or alter your hours, that would also be an ideal situation.

    Find a Local Moving Company Birmingham

    This article is for business owners, and most likely small to medium business owners. So we know that we don’t have to stress this point too much: go local. There are many locally-owned and operated moving businesses in the Birmingham area that are ready to handle your commercial move. Here at Park Moving, a family-owned and operated business, we’ve been conducting successful moves for over fifty years in the Birmingham area. When you go local, you can rest easy knowing that your move and your business’s assets are in trustworthy hands.

    Get Organized Before You Get Going

    This is something that we recommend to all of our moving clients, commercial and residential. Before you pack a single box, get organized! It will save you time, make the move less stressful, and could even potentially reduce the overall cost of moving.

    So what do you need to do to get organized? First, we recommend putting together your moving plan. This will include your timeline and any logistical details that will be important during the move. If your destination location has any move-in policies that need to be noted, it’s important to include these in the plan. Your timeline should include all moving-related activities, including organizational days (discussed later), moving supplies shopping days, packing days, loading/unloading, and transit day(s). We also recommend making note of when you need to contact utility providers to file a change of address and to stop/start services.

    Once your business moving Birmingham plan is in place, you can focus on the organizational process. Just like with residential moves, we recommend that businesses sort through their items to determine what is making the move and what can be gotten rid of. Items that still have use left in them can be sold or donated. Other items that are no longer useful can be recycled or thrown away. Having fewer items to move will mean having to buy fewer moving supplies and could save time on moving day.

    Consider Storage Options

    One often overlooked part of commercial moving is needing a temporary storage facility. If your business has a lot of equipment and/or furniture to move, it’s possible that you may need to consider using storage. The bulk of moving day’s time will be spent on packing, loading, transit, and unloading and may not leave enough time to get all furniture and equipment moved and into place. Being able to keep these items in a storage unit until you’re ready to move them in and install them could make your move much easier. Here at Park Moving, we are happy to offer a variety of storage solutions.

    Make a Communication Plan

    Last but not least, you need to make a plan to communicate with your client base and vendors/distributors about your move. Delegate this task to a team member(s) who is organized and thorough. You don’t want to leave anyone out of the communication loop!

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    Four guys came from Park moving 2 weeks ago to move my family. Not only were they efficient and hard working, but extremely friendly and accommodating. I will absolutely be using them in the future when we get moved into our new home. We checked with several places before deciding on this company and I'm very pleased with our decision. I highly recommend Park Moving to anyone looking for moving services.

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