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Declutter Your Space Like A Pro!

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    Many of us go into the new year with goals like improving our fitness, saving money, spending more time with family, and even simplifying and decluttering your space. While the beginning of 2019 was full of Marie Kondo and the act of “Tidying Up,” a lot of us have fallen off track going into 2020 at fully getting rid of things that no longer bring us joy. If you’re struggling or need a little bit of help when it comes to simplifying your space, here are some helpful and creative ideas to make decluttering a bit easier. 

    • Create a Checklist: Having a list of the areas that you need to tackle the most is a great place to start! That way, you can check each room as you go and nothing feels better than marking things off a to-do list! 
    • Start Small: Don’t try to do every room all at once! Trying to tackle too much at one time is a definite way to get burnt out. Start with doing a 5-minute cleanout at a time. 
    • Create a System: As you’re going through each room, create a space for items that you want to keep, donate, or get rid of. This is a great way to force yourself to make a decision with each item.
    • Before and After Photos: Pick one part of your home to clean up, like under your bathroom sink, and take a before photo before cleaning. Once it’s organized and things are tossed out, take an after photo. This can inspire you to know how good your home can look!
    • 80/20 Rule: Did you know we only wear about 20% of the clothes that we own? This means the other 80% is just taking up space in your closet and instead could be donated! This also can be reflected in other areas of your home too. Make it a goal to donate or get rid of the 80%.
    • Recruit Help: Having a second set of eyes helping you go through your home to sort through things to throw away or donate can be really helpful! They can help be your voice of reason whenever you begin to defend an item as well.

    Decluttering your space can be a tedious task (especially when you’re in the middle of planning a move), but it doesn’t have to be impossible and making it a bit more creative can motivate you to get the job done! Need help moving your newly decluttered home in Birmingham or even long distance? We can help! Let Park Moving help with as much or as little of your moving process as you need! Give us a call today or get your free quote online. Birmingham (205) 206-9792 Tuscaloosa (205) 345-0311

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    Four guys came from Park moving 2 weeks ago to move my family. Not only were they efficient and hard working, but extremely friendly and accommodating. I will absolutely be using them in the future when we get moved into our new home. We checked with several places before deciding on this company and I'm very pleased with our decision. I highly recommend Park Moving to anyone looking for moving services.

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