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Hire Movers: Why You Need Moving Professionals for Long-Distance Moves

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    Hire Movers : Long-Distance Moving

    Are you moving soon? Are you trying to decide if you should hire movers or go the DIY route? Well, you’re not alone. Many people who are planning for a residential relocation face this dilemma. There are pros and cons to both DIY and Professional Movers and in this article, we’ll be laying them out so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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    DIY Moving: Family and Friends

    Rounding up family and friends for some DIY moving is probably the first option that comes to most people’s minds. The appeal of having no investment in the moving labor is enticing. After all, moving is already a very expensive ordeal without the added cost of hiring a moving team.

    DIY Pros:

    • Low to no cost
    • No time spent getting price estimates from various moving services

    DIY Cons:

    • What you save on upfront investment, you may lose in cost of damaged items and supplying your own moving equipment.
    • DIY moves can be a bit “thrown together,” meaning your items are at risk of getting lost in transit (it happens more often than you might think).
    • Moving is hard work. If you go it alone, you’ll be stuck moving the heaviest items on your own.

    Hiring Movers: Worth the Investment

    If you don’t do the move yourself, you’ve got to have a professional team on your side. Below we list some of the pros and cons to hiring your own team.

    Hire Movers – Pros:

    • The team will take a detailed inventory of all items making the move to ensure everything makes it safely.
    • Companies are licensed and trained to conduct moves professionally and efficiently.
    • Moving professionals are ready to move the heaviest, bulkiest, and most awkward items – it’s our job, after all.
    • Teams bring all of the necessary equipment to the move like dollies, blankets, tie-downs, and the like.
    • Moving teams can even help you to pack up your items in boxes.
    • Professional drivers are trained to handle commercial moving trucks.
    • Moving companies are licensed and insured which protects you, the client.

    Hire Movers – Cons:

    • Cost of hiring the moving team – a worthy investment!

    Long-Distance Moving? Hire the pros!

    Moves of any size and distance can benefit greatly from the assistance of a moving team. But long-distance moves require the assistance of a moving team even more. Personal belongings have a greater risk of being damaged the farther they travel. Having an experienced team on your side will help to protect your things and make the move stress-free for you.



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