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How to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move

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    Decorating a children’s room is a demanding task for every parent. With this, creativity, space and money are the key factors and the biggest challenge for every parent. That’s why Park Moving & Storage is here to show you how to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move.

    baby holding a hand - decorate your kids’ rooms after the move
    How to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move? Let us help.

    Where to start when you want to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move?

    How to decorate your kids’ rooms after the move? Or more precisely, where to start? Well, first be sure that your movers Vestavia Hills AL have unloaded all items you have. Then, you need to unpack. And then – make a plan.

    Decorating a children’s room can also be a fun project that you can start with your children, and a good plan and creativity can save both time and money. If you are moving from abroad, you may start to think about decorating before international movers Alabama come to get your items. All you need to start is to choose the theme of the children’s room, to focus on all the elements that will contribute to the realization of your project, and to get started.


    You can completely transform the walls of the children’s room with a layer of fresh paint, and the possibilities are endless. If you’re not sure what to do with the furniture, you can always rent a storage unit. It is a good idea to opt for neutral and pastel colors that will easily blend in with other decors, bedding, curtains, and furniture. If you already have unused color that fits your designed theme, it is a good idea to highlight one with a brightly colored wall as the central focus of the room.

    Mini galleries

    You can talk to your children and tell them to draw their new home and then, frame the children’s drawings. Exposing your child’s original works will add a personal touch to the room, and one of them will be one of the most impressive details. Use old frames that you will paint as needed or simply make collages from all the drawings and frame them. These mini-galleries can represent everything your child enjoys. In addition to their drawings, you can frame important photos, pictures from their favorite books, calendars with important dates, maps, or travel tickets.


    Large wall stickers are very economical. They can refresh the wall and bring it freshness. These stickers are easily removed from the walls and will not damage the plaster or facade when you remove them, which also means that you will often be able to change the themes of the stickers and thus change the overall ambiance of the room from time to time. This is a convenient and easy way to adjust the room to the age of your child.

    A child in a cardboard box
    You can frame important photos, pictures from their favorite books, calendars with important dates, maps, or travel tickets.


    If you have the time and talent to paint, you can paint something on the wall by yourself or with the help of your child. This opportunity will contribute the most to the chosen topic, and it is mostly practiced by those who are a little bolder and braver. Use paint or paints that are easy to remove.

    3D decor or wallpaper

    You can hang old toys or significant ornaments on the wall as three-dimensional decor. This is an extremely creative solution, which requires a little more effort, but the effect will be fascinating. If you are not good at it, you can use “3D wallpapers” which will also produce a great visual effect.


    If the current curtains in the children’s room are monotonous and boring for your new theme, you don’t necessarily need to buy new ones. There is always the possibility to revive them by adding various accessories such as jewelry, ribbons, zippers, and decorative buttons. You can also sew new curtains from a very simple one-color material and add these various decorations.


    The new bedding dramatically changes the look of one room, so it is very important to choose strong colors that will provide contrast to the neutral walls and the rest of the decor. If you decide to sew bedding, be sure to use the rest of the material for soft floor pillows or decorative bed pillows.

    Family unpack first after moving their essentials..
    Moving the furniture will give the room a new concept.


    The furniture in the children’s room must be safe and impressive. The choice of furniture, therefore, includes reorganization, reconstruction, renovation, replacement or purchase of new furniture. Consider all the furniture in the house that could be used in the children’s room. Combining different pieces of furniture in order to create a new piece is very innovative and economical. Moving the furniture will give the room a new concept. Remove excess furniture that suffocates the space. By eliminating unusable or outdated furniture, you will achieve the impression of a larger and more spacious space. By painting the already existing furniture in the children’s room in accordance with the general color palette of the appropriate theme, it can completely transform the look of the room and provide it with a new look.

    Disposing of things

    It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in expensive storage furniture to provide adequate space for all your child’s toys, books, and clothes. The space under the cot is always a good place to store things, especially toys. You can use a variety of plastic baskets to decorate according to the theme of the room, and you can also use plastic toolboxes that are ideal for sorting small toys. If you have unused wooden boards, you can make storage boxes yourself, paint them to be in the tone of the room.

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