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How to downsize before moving

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    Downsizing before moving is a process that you need to take seriously. If you are planning to move soon and don’t want to bring all the items with you then you have to do something about it. Sometimes it can be really stressful for people to come up with a perfect solution. Whether you are decluttering or moving to a smaller apartment the process remains the same. You will have to do something with all those items in your home. And once you do it, you can call your relocation companies Birmingham to schedule your relocation With their help, and with all those items gone, you will have a nice and stressless relocation for sure.

    a calendar you will sue to downsize before moving
    Spend at least 90 days when you want to downsize before moving

    Take your time when downsize before moving

    This is not a process you can do in a week or so. You need to do start with downsizing at least 90 days before you move out. Why? Because that leaves you with enough time window to deal with all the items you do not use any more. And if you know when you are moving, even better. That way you will know how to organize your time and what to pay attention to when downsizing before moving. Now, first things first, you need to see what you have in your home. Then you can easily organize everything. It is not always easy to move your home. Especially if you are planning to move a lot of items. Even after downsizing, you will still have to think about the packing process and how to transport it without any issues. That is why you can always count on the professional’s help. With the aid of good residential movers Birmingham AL, you will have almost no issues whatsoever. That is why it is always a good idea to hire movers when moving.

    Write down everything you have

    One of the best things you can do for your relocation is to write down a list of items you are planning to transport. Start with the items you are using the most, then put other categories as well. Go until you have nothing left to add. These are the items you will move with your move.s. The rest are those you need to get rid of. Now, the best thing you can do is to categorize the items you won’t be using anymore. And you can do it in several ways. For instance, you can categorize by type of item, a material made, or usage. That way it will be easy to find out how to downsize. Once you have everything written down and categorized, it is time to decide what to do with those items. Now, this can be really hard because some people can get really attached to their belongings. It is very important to try to declutter before you move out. And not to get emotionally invested in this. But, if you do have a lot of items you don’t know how to move, but can’t throw away, then you can always opt for renting storage units AL. There you can keep your items safe while you organize the rest of your move.

    pen and notebook
    Always make a list of items you have


    Selling your items

    The very first thing you can do is to sell the items you do not use anymore. This is a very good thing to do because it allows you to deal with those items the best way possible. Selling them will get you some extra cash you can use if you need some special kind of moving service. Or perhaps you want to decorate your home in some interesting way. This process will always demand some extra cash. Or in the end, you will just get some money you will sue for something later on. You can organize a yard sale, or sell them online. Whatever you chose to do, do it with enough time to organize the rest of the move.

    Giving them to the charity or friends in need

    If you have good items that you don’t want to throw away or sell, then you can always give them as gifts. If you have friends who helped you move, then you can repay them by asking them if they want some of the items you do not need. Even better, if you have very close friends you can give them some of your clothes that you don’t want to use anymore. The most humble way to deal with these items is to give them to charity. Make sure to clean them properly before you do.

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    Recycling is always a good idea

    Recycling is always a good idea

    If you want to have a more environmentally friendly approach, then you can always recycle your items. There are many ways you can do this. Some include various DIY projects you can really enjoy. Others include taking those items to specialized recycling places where they will know how to deal with them. Sometimes they can even offer you some benefits and gift cards if you are bringing old items for recycling. Either way, this will be a fine opportunity to deal with those items and do something nice for our environment.

    It is not always easy to downsize when moving. As you can see, these are all some of the most interesting ways you can do this. Furthermore, this can help you settle in your new smaller apartment with ease. You certainly won’t be using any of those items anyway. And there are a lot of benefits of decluttering you can know more about. We are happy if we helped you with your downsizing before moving. We can offer you other services if you call us and see what we can do for you. Or, you can visit our blog and find more interesting guidelines. They will surely make your relocation easier.


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