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How to keep your kids entertained during a long distance move

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A family relocation is not something to be taken lightly. There are a lot of tasks you need to complete and it can be hard if you have small kids. If you have young kids they can easily get bored while moving. This is why it is important to know how to keep your kids entertained during a long distance move. And if you want to know more interesting ways to help them through the travel, continue reading our article.

Keep your kids entertained during a long distance move by playing games

Of course, we suggest you do this if you are not the one behind the wheel. It is important to stay focused while driving. If not, then you can always play some games with your kids. Younger kids will always like to play a game of “I Spy”. It will make them think and focus on guessing what you saw so they won’t have to think about the long travel ahead. There are also other family games you can play with your kids. Some of them are board games, some are games like scribble. On the other hand, you can always sing along some fun family songs. In the end, it depends on how old are your kids.

a kid with binoculars as a way to keep your kids entertained during a long distance move
Keep your kids entertained during a long distance move by playing “I Spy”

Dealing with kids on a long trip move can be a very difficult situation. And we all know how much stress relocation can produce. Especially when you are preparing for the move. To make things easier, we suggest you hire Alabama movers for your relocation. This is the best way to save some time you can use to focus on how to entertain your kids while moving long distances.

Books are always a good solution

This is something considered as “old school”, but frankly, books are never getting out of fashion. The best thing you can do for your kids is to pack them some interesting books they can read. Harry Potter is always an all-time favorite to young kids, teens, and even adults. There are many more books you can bring and read while traveling long distances. They can help us cope with all the anxiety we maybe couldn’t handle otherwise. There is also singing! This thing can get you all through the long distance traveling. Make sure to stay safe at all times while being in the car.

Singing is a great idea to shorten the time spent on the road. But, there are also other ways to ease your mind when traveling. One of those ways is knowing that your belongings are transported by long distance moving companies Birmingham AL. Nothing says peace of mind like knowing our relocation is handled by professionals. 

Tablets and laptop

Although it is a good solution to have fun and maybe focus on the content, it is not always the best idea to spend too much time in front of the screen. Make sure to take some breaks from watching movies and cartoons on the small screens. On the other hand, these gadgets can provide you with a lot of fun while moving. You can play a lot of games in co-op mode and a turn-based mode. But, most importantly, you can listen to music and watch shows. There are a lot of cartoons and movies you can watch as a family while moving. And they can help you get through that long travel. Not to mention that your kids could fall asleep after a while also.

person holding a tablet
You can always watch a movie on a tablet

These kinds of situations happen all the time. People and kids are tired from the move and would love to do something that can put them to sleep. You, as an adult, have a lot of things to do and complete before the move. And sometimes, dealing with furniture in your home can be one of them. It is worth mentioning that it can be rather stressful. But, hiring furniture liquidators Birmingham AL will do the thing! If you are searching for a fast, affordable, and professional solution to this problem, then always opt for getting a pro’s help.

Make a video diary

This may be the best idea yet. Technology has advanced so much that everybody can now do the things we considered impossible or very expensive nearly 10 years ago. Making short videos is a good idea because it makes them work their imagination. Make up a topic you can both use to make a certain kind of video. The music video, nature documentary, and news are just one of the best topics you can use to make videos. Your imagination is the limit. It is just one of the best ways to deal with moving anxiety. This will help you and your kids a lot in the upcoming long distance relocation.

Karaoke is always fun

This might sound strange, but karaoke is fun for people all age and singing capabilities. The songs can warry from Disney songs, rock, pop, etc. There are thousands of songs you can sing with your kids to make their relocation easier. Learn what are the most popular karaoke songs when traveling so you can make it through your long distance move. Trust us, your kids will have a blast while singing. And they won’t even think about how much time they will spend on the road.

a girl singing
Everyone is a star when singing karaoke

There are many ways to keep your kids entertained during a long distance move. What we proposed here are some of the most creative and fun things to do. And kids of all ages can do these things. It is not always easy to make a long distance move with children to feel easy. This is why we paid a lot of attention when writing this guide. Hopefully, it gave you enough ideas on what to do on your road trip.

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