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How to move your fine art safely

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    We all love our homes for the comfort and convenience that it gives with every piece of furniture or household appliances. But we, of course, have a special love for beautiful antiques, collectibles, and objects of art. The desire to own the latest and brilliant elements of modern design and technology is often inferior to the need to fill our homes with unique items that tell a story and add this special nostalgic beauty. Most of them are not valuable only for their price, but also for their sentimental value or for the efforts made in the search for certain items. When it comes to moving, it gets a little harder. The following tips will tell you how to conduct fine art transportation Birmingham AL and move your fine art safely.


    Providing proper packing is the key to ensuring that your fine art objects are safely transported to your new location. All of them require special packing techniques for various reasons:

    • Some have an unusual shape; and there are others that you should protect from scratches, chips, or drops.
    • Fragile items, such as porcelain and crystals, or delicate ones, such as paintings, must be packed and transported in wooden shipping boxes with protective material.
    • For the transportation of antique fine arts, you must use standard or custom transport boxes. Elements will be reliably protected from shocks during transportation.
    • Other materials for packing to move your fine art safely are cardboard boxes with double and triple walls, kraft paper, moving blankets.
    • Use detailed markings for each item and for each box to make it easier for you to put everything together.
    Wooden box
    Pack your fine art in wooden crates – they will protect your valuables from shocks during transportation

    You must move your fine arts very carefully. You can pack your items on your own or leave it to professional packers and loaders. If you prefer to hire professionals, be careful when deciding who to hire. Unreliable movers are the ones to watch out for. They may become careless or not pay enough attention simply because they do not appreciate the real value of your arts. If you want to be sure that you hired reliable movers, Park Moving & Storage Alabama is the right choice for you.

    What else you can do to move your fine art safely

    Safely packing your fine art is simply not enough to protect it. There are also some other steps that can guarantee that your valuables will arrive at your destination safely.

    Protect the value of your items

    Moving companies are responsible for damage or loss to the goods they transport. And each client can choose between two levels of liability. The Release Value is the basic coverage of limited liability, which is the second-best option. The first is Full Value Protection, which you receive automatically when you sign a moving contract. You get limited liability at no additional cost. But, as you can imagine, this is unlikely to cover the real value of your goods. However, there are some transportation services that ensure you get full coverage.

    Calculating the insurance
    Make sure you have a good insurance deal, as you do not want to pay extra in case something breaks while you are trying to move your fine art safely

    A good idea is that qualified professionals evaluate your belongings. The best way to find an appraiser is on the recommendation of a lawyer, insurance agent, or bank official. An expert assessment will allow you to get an accurate estimate of the real value of your fine art objects. And also to purchase Full Value Protection for the move. This type of liability for relocation is an affordable option for peace of mind. In this case, if some of the items are lost, damaged, or destroyed during transportation or at any other stage of the moving process, they will be repaired, replaced or you will receive a cash payment due to repair.

    Find the right movers

    No need to explain why you should hire professional art movers. You already know how important this is to make moving less stressful. Finding a moving company that can deal with moving art pieces is a difficult but important task. Especially if you want to ensure the smooth move of your fine art. The process itself includes filling in the number of moving quotes, reading moving reviews on the Internet. As well as long calls with representatives of moving companies.

    Do not sign the cheapest offer, but look for a higher quality service. Reliable movers are more expensive, but you will feel safe knowing that your favorite art pieces are in the right hands. Once you find reliable interstate movers in Alabama, you should invite their representatives to your home. List all works of art among the things you need to move. It would be wise to shortly describe each item so the movers know how exactly should they load them on the moving truck.

    Fragile on wooden box
    Make sure you mark which items are extremely fragile so that your movers can pay special attention to them

    And after your things arrive

    The first thing to do when your works of art finally arrive at your new home is to carefully check each item. If some items are missing, notify the mover immediately so they can find it. If something is damaged, check it before signing the receipt. And then try to solve the problem with the moving company in accordance with the terms of your insurance.

    It is always difficult to achieve a smooth and safe transition of artworks to your new home. You do not want your values to be treated like any other objects, or, even worse, to get scratches when moving. By following the guidelines above, you can avoid traps and move your fine art safely. Or you can let professionals pack and move the works of art for you. Thus, you can be sure that your things will be completely safe during your move. Choose the best option for yourself and enjoy your move!

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