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How to pack your book collection for storage

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    Do you have a lot of books but are running out of space in your home? Want to keep them safe, without having to give them away? Then we have the perfect solution for you. We can show you how you can pack your book collection for storage, and then organize their transport with Alabama movers. That is the safest way to move them, without damaging them.

    shoe boxes you can use when you want to pack your book collection for storage
    Use shoeboxes when you want to pack your book collection for storage

    Pack your books collection for storage – first steps

    You can’t just pick up your books and store them in storage. You need to make sure they are packed properly before you move them there. The best way to do this is to look for proper boxes you can use for this. For example, you can visit local shoe stores where they can give you the boxes they don’t use or have any use of anymore. They are perfect because they are small and durable. It makes them a great place where you can put books before storing them. If you have expensive and rare books then we suggest getting some plastic bins that will protect them from moisture, water, or some pests. Now, these are some of the things you don’t have to worry about if you get good commercial storage Birmingham. Storing large quantities of books can be hard if you don’t have a proper storage unit.

    Clean your books

    What you need to know is that you can’t just pack your books for storage. You need to know how to properly maintain the quality of your books. This way you will keep your books in pristine condition without worrying about their quality. But, you have to be gentle when cleaning them. Don’t use some strong chemicals! This can only damage them beyond repair.

    microfiber cloths
    Use microfiber cloths to gently clean your books

    In fact, you can use a regular cloth to take the dust off your books before packing them. Simply clean them and you are ready to start packing. Now, it is very important to remember not to put too many books in one box. Their weight can seriously damage the box so they can fall out. If you properly pack your books, you will keep them safe during the storage period. When you do decide to start packing your books for storage, it is a good idea to know how to properly organize your storage unit. Because you would want to be able to reach the items you have stored without any issues.

    These are the steps you need to make when you want to pack your book collection for storage. By following our guide, you will prepare your books for storage without any issues whatsoever. And once you do this, give us a call so we can organize the transport. We can help you move them safely and quickly.


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