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How to plan a smooth household move

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    When planning a household relocation there are some issues we might not be able to solve. All these issues can cause a lot of problems and delays when moving. This can also lead to additional losses and a lot of stress. Which is why it is important to know all the tips and tricks to it. Luckily, we thought about this and decided to write you a guide on how to plan a smooth household move in which you can find a lot of useful tips and tricks. All you have to do is read it and you will be ready to move asap.

    Plan a smooth household move in time

    As with everything in life, even a household move requires a lot of planning. It is not something you can simply do in a matter of days. To do it without stress, you should start planning your relocation months. First things first, take a pen and paper and write a moving plan down. You should start by finding a moving crew. Sometimes it can be hard, but on the other hand, there are instances where finding Alabama movers is pretty easy. This is one part of the plan you can finish up quickly.

    a notebook and a pen you can use to plan a smooth household move
    It will take time to plan a smooth household move

    Next on the task on your plan should be decluttering your home. Here you will decide on how much items you wish to transport. After that, go and collect all the packing supplies you will need. One of the last steps left is packing and then waiting for the movers to arrive. Later on in the article, we will describe all these steps in details so you won’t have to bang your head about it. All of these steps will make a household move easy.

    Finding movers

    If by any chance, you have a rough time looking for a moving company, then you should take your time and search thoroughly. As we said before, sometimes it can be pretty easy to find them. On the other hand, you can have some difficulties. Here are some prime examples of what makes a moving company reliable:

    • A good moving company has many positive reviews and feedbacks – This means that people are pleased how the movers handled their relocation.
    • No lawsuits are going on against the moving company – Mostly only shady and fraudulent movers have these.
    • They know how to properly pack and move your items. Packing services are just one of the many moving services Birmingham movers will offer to you.

    These are just some of the factors that will indicate you are dealing with professional moving companies. And they will make it easier to locate movers for your relocation. Which is a good thing, because then you can focus on other tasks at hand.

    Home decluttering

    We are often met with one big issue in our homes. There are some items we do not need anymore and won’t be using them anytime soon. You should remember that if you have a lot of items to transport, the moving costs will be higher. Since none of us is magicians and we can’t make money out of thin air, we should think about a way to deal with those excess items. There are a couple of ways you can do it, like:

    • Organizing a yard sale, or selling those items on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, etc
    • Why not give them as gifts to your friends and family?
    • Recycling and throwing them away is one sure way to do it.
    items on a yard sale
    Try to get rid of all items you do not use anymore

    If you were looking for the best ways to deal with those extra items in your home, then these are the ones you are looking for. After dealing with this, you will know exactly what you are moving when planning your move, so you can call your residential movers Birmingham and organize your move. They can give you more useful advice on what to do next. 

    Gather packing materials

    Packing materials are very important when you want to pack your items safely. There are many kinds of them, and you should pick them carefully if you want to avoid any damages. Now, depending on what kind of items you are moving, we advise you to consider getting new moving boxes. And if you are moving something really valuable, then wooden or plastic crates are a must. They will always provide your items with enough protection when moving. However, if you do not have any expensive items to move, then you can always opt for used packing supplies. Some of them you have in your home such as old fabrics etc. You can get free cardboard boxes from your local grocery stores. They can often give you theirs for free since it is of no use to them.

    Having extra packing supplies

    People often don’t know how much boxes they need, so they end up gathering more supplies than they need. It is OK to have some extra packing supplies just in case. But, what happens when you end your move? You simply don’t know what to do with those extra packing supplies. Well, there are some interesting ideas on how to reuse moving boxes that you might be interested in. Check them out, we are sure some of them will be useful to you.

    Start packing

    You are now in the last part of your moving plan. The packing process is not something you should take lightly. YOu have decluttered your home and now you have packing supplies so let’s get to it. Pack all your household items by rooms and don’t forget to label the boxes. Use a black marker to write down what each box contains. That way you will know what to put where. Also, your movers will know which boxes they should handle with more care.

    bunch of opened markers
    Always use markers to label the moving boxes

    One thing will happen for sure, and that is that one of the boxes will be slightly heavier. What you need to remember is that people can get injured easily because they do not know proper lifting techniques when it comes to heavy boxes. It doesn’t take long to learn how to lift heavy objects so make sure to know it. This can save you a lot of trouble when organizing your household relocation.

    This is a proper way to plan a smooth household move without any stress at all. If you follow our guidelines you will surely move with easy while avoid many, if not all, moving issues. But, even we are not perfect so we can miss a thing or two. If you feel like you can share some useful information with us, you can leave a comment in the comment section. We are glad to hear from you!

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