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How to prepare your car for the move

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    Moving has always been an intricate and complicated task. Preparing, packing, and moving your household things is a pretty tough process and you may know already much about it. However, moving your household is one thing, but preparing your vehicle is something totally different. If you’re wondering how you can prepare your car for the move, stick through with this text and find out.

    How to prepare your car for the move

    Some of the things you will be able to see today are:

    • Deciding whether to enroll a moving company for this
    • Washing is one of the ways you can start to prepare your car for the move
    • Clean the car from the inside
    • Gather the vehicle’s documents
    • Disable your alarm systems
    • Remove any custom accessories

    Deciding whether to enroll a moving company for this

    Of course, before even starting to prepare your car for the move, you must decide whether you would like to this yourself or not. In the event that you opted for the latter answer, there are a few things you must know. The first one is that you need to pick a company which will transport the vehicle for you. There are specialized transport companies that you can hire to do this for you. However, it is best if the moving company you are using for your regular residential move offers vehicle transport services. In this way, your car move can be tied with general relocation.

    A man washing a car, one of the ways to prepare your car for the move
    Washing your car is essential to revealing any holes or damage to the car.

    If not, however, moving companies would be able to lease such a service from a third party and thus secure the service. Some of the moving companies Birmingham AL can recommend will be able to do this. How vehicle transport looks like is not what you would normally imagine. You cannot just give your keys to the company and expect that they will drive your car to the new residence. Instead, your car is put on a truck carrying many other cars. Subsequently, your car might be delivered either to your new home or the regional depot of that company.

    You might ask yourself, on the other hand, how you can pick a good moving company. Although looking easy at first, be assured that it is not. In this context, the primary thing you should look at are reviews. Reviews are very important because you can get to know other people’s experience with the company and how they rated it. Slowly and thoroughly check out the reviews on their website first. Then, if you think you need additional info, turn to other sources. These can be forums or reviews on other websites that would be able to offer their own, often independent views and experiences with the company. Finally, you might also ask some friends for advice.

    Washing is one of the ways you can start to prepare your car for the move

    Before calling the company to collect your vehicle, the first step with which you can prepare your car for the move is by washing it. Seriously, people often forget about this, but washing your vehicle can reveal some very important things. For instance, scratches, dings, or dents might easily be lurking and hiding behind layers of dirt. Upon washing your car, they will become fully visible and one can take steps to prevent further damage during transport.

    Clean the car from the inside

    By the way, if you need to transport some other heavy stuff apart from your car, check out some furniture movers Birmingham has been using for years. Anyway, coming back to the topic, there is a fair chance that the transport might be rough. In an effort to avoid any unwanted scenarios, like damage, you need to clean the vehicle’s interior. This needs to be thorough, as the smallest of objects can potentially cause damage. Most people think that as long as the interior is fairly clean, it means that there is no chance of danger. However, this is very wrong and that is why, in order to prepare your car for the move, you need the interior cleaned well.

    Group the vehicle’s documents

    One of the absolutely essential steps you need to fulfill if you want to prepare your car for the move is to gather its documents. This is very important because anyone shipping your car will want concrete proof that the car is yours. Therefore, in order to avoid any delays, you should gather all the necessary documents in advance. This primarily includes vehicle registration information, which contains most of the information the shippers need. Next, you will also need to supply proof of insurance, to make sure that your vehicle is properly insured. Furthermore, a bill of sale or any other proof of ownership is also crucial.

    A pile of documents
    Gathering all the necessary documents will significantly ease the moving and transport procedures.

    Finally, make sure you also find the original vehicle title, as well as some form of unexpired identification. This could be a passport of a driver’s license, for example. Yes, it may sound complicated, but there is also a lot of paperwork to be gathered in case of a commercial move. Therefore, don’t worry, for you are not alone in the paperwork hunt!

    Disable your car alarm system

    Simply put, if you don’t want your contractors to have any problems with transporting your car, you need to disable your car alarm system. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a short guide on how to disable a car alarm system. It is the ideal way to prepare your car for the move. Also, the driver of the truck who will be transporting your vehicle will especially be thankful to you.

    Remove any custom accessories

    All and any custom accessories need to be removed from the car. This is because you want to remove any possibility of internal damage to the car during transport. If you feel that some of the accessories are to be or that you do not have the capacity to bring them with you on the move, consider using storage services. A safe, dry, and climate-controlled environment will store any excess stuff you might have.

    A car mechanic working on a car.
    Removing any car accessories beforehand will ensure the safety of the inside of your vehicle.

    Hopefully, this text will help you learn what important things you need to do in order to prepare your car for the move. Stay safe and good luck!

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