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How to prepare your carpets for moving

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    Carpets give us additional beauty and warmth in our homes. It’s no wonder you want to take it with you to your new location. but can’t you just roll it up and put it in a moving truck? Of course not. But don’t worry the procedure isn’t difficult. That’s why we at Park Moving have decided to leak you some of our secrets on how to prepare your carpets for moving. Your carpets really deserve the best for keeping your feet warm all this time so maybe spending a couple of dollars extra for professional cleaners isn’t out of the question.

    Prepare your carpets for moving by cleaning and vacuuming them

    If you want a carpet to be in good condition you need to constantly keep it clean. However, when it comes to moving it you need to keep it extra clean. If you can deep clean it and vacuum it, that will keep the dirt and dust away from it. Our international movers Alabama will always advise you to use professional carpet cleaning services. That’s because they use professional tools and will get rid of even the smallest particle of dirt. For extra freshness, you can beat it outside in the sun. After all that, we are sure your carpet will be squeaky clean and ready to move.

    Vacuuming the carpet
    Prepare your carpets for moving by vacuuming them

    Determine the nap of the carpet

    It’s very important to determine the nap of the carpet. That’s because you need to roll up the carpet against the nap. Is there any method to definitely determine the carpet’s nap? Of course. Put your hand on the carpet and move it around slowly. This is a trick our Vestavia Hills movers and it never fails. In one direction the carpet will feel smooth, while in the other you’ll sense the fibers almost resisting your hand. The direction where you feel the smooth movement is the nap of the carpet.

    Vacuum the back end of the carpet and roll it up

    Now it’s time to turn the carpet around and give it a quick vacuum. You will be surprised how much dirt it can get on the backside of a carpet even if it’s not the part that is actively being walked on. The same backside needs to face out when you roll the carpet up. That’s because that side is very fragile and if it were to face the other way around it would start to get damaged. It’s almost time for our residential movers to pick up the carpet.

    A lady selling carpets
    When you’ve cleaned and rolled the carpet up, it’s ready for the move

    Tie and wrap up in order to prepare your carpets for moving

    After you’ve rolled up the carpet, get one person to hold it down and the other to tie it up. You should use a string rope when you’re tying the carpet up. It’s recommended to secure it in three sports. The first one in the middle, and the other two on the top and bottom of the rolled-up carpet. You’ll know that your carpet will be treated like the most expensive carpet in the world if you let our professional movers move it for you. 

    Packing for a move can become a headache if it isn’t done correctly. But when it comes to carpets it really isn’t such a big deal. If you’ve kept it clean before it won’t be a problem to give it a nice good clean before you start packing it. We hope that our tips on how to prepare your carpets for moving will give you a hand when the time comes to roll them up. We wish you good luck with the move and hope that your carpets will make your rooms prettier and warmer.

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