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How to safely store furniture

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    What to do with all your furniture when you decide to move or remodel your house? The best thing is to use the services of moving companies Alabama. Safely store your furniture. Be sure you’ll find it in good condition. You can count on the high quality of warehouses. However, your responsibility is enormous. Prepare the furniture for storage. Choose the right type of units. Both regular and climate-controlled storage units protect well your furniture. Nevertheless, sometimes certain items demand special conditions.

    Prepare to safely store furniture

    Important to realize, your part in preparing the furniture for storage is crucial. When you do everything properly your furniture is ready. Furniture movers Birmingham will take it from there. Thus, follow certain steps.

    • clean the furniture
    • take everything apart
    • wrap furniture
    • raise everything off the floor
    • pack methodically
    a man and woman wrapping chairs with bubble wraps
    Safely store furniture. Wrap it using blankets, sheets, bubble wraps. Protect it from dust and moisture.

    Clean the furniture thoroughly

    Carefully stock house goods. Make sure to clean each item. They should be dry, without any dust. Only then will your things be prepared for storage.

    Disassemble anything you can

    Take your tables, chairs, bookshelves, and other items apart. As a result, it’ll be much easier to pack all this in trucks. Moreover, it will facilitate storing in warehouses.

    Long-term storage demands wrapping furniture

    Firstly, make sure to put plastic sheets on the floor. With this in mind, you’ll protect items from moisture. Of course, this is the case when you opt for regular warehouses. Also, wrap and cover furniture as protection from moisture and dust. This is especially important when you store your antique furniture. Therefore, use blankets, old sheets, or plastic sheets. On the other hand, don’t use thick plastic to cover the items. Condensation can occur. By all means, you want to avoid this. Also, protect glass items such as tabletops and mirrors. Wrap them in packing papers or bubble wraps. At the same time, put them in boxes.

    storage units
    In the case of antiques and wooden furniture choose climate-controlled storages.

    Prevent furniture from lying on the floor

    You might not choose climate-controlled units. Be that as it may, raising furniture off the floor is obligatory. Thus,  prepare your items for storage. As we have mentioned, put some plastic sheets on the floor. Moreover, use pallets or some clothing. Whatever you can to protect it from moisture. Think of every detail to safely store furniture.

    Pack so you can have easy access to your furniture

    First, pack the bigger items. Then, the smaller one. Organize the facilities. You should move around furniture without any problem. Keep cautiously house movable articles.  Moreover, keep your storage clean.

    Take adequate steps, you’ll have your furniture impeccable again

    Whatever type of storage you opt for don’t worry. Professionals will take good care of your furniture. Nevertheless, take appropriate steps to prepare your precious items for storage. Clean, wrap, cover, and pack thoroughly. Finally, you’ll enjoy your furniture again in your new home.

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