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How to store your antique furniture safely 

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    Are you looking for a way to store your antique furniture safely? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Moving companies Alabama will help you perform the packing and storage process perfectly and save your items from getting damaged. To store your antiques safely, you’ll need to be fully concentrated on the task. One small mistake can result in the damage of the precious item. Educating yourself on the process is a necessary first step, so keep on reading!

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    Cleaning your antique furniture before packing it is a must!

    Clean your antique furniture before you store them

    Depending on the furniture piece, you should clean it in different ways. You don’t want to skip over this step, only to have to call furniture liquidators Birmingham AL after you take your furniture out of the storage. On some antique furniture wood can chirp off easily, so make sure that you don’t use any chemicals on your antiques. It can change the color of the wood. Go over your furniture with a damp cloth, only to remove the dust. Don’t skip over this step, as the dirt can affect the quality of the materials if it’s stored over a long period of time.

    Store your antique furniture safely with these tips and tricks

    To store your antique furniture properly, you’ll want to:

    • Get high-quality packing materials.
    • For the furniture that has glass parts, place the glassine over them. Glassine will protect the glass, or even the wood, from getting scratches, as well as protect it from dust and moisture. It’s a more expensive alternative to plastic foil, but it’s worth investing in it.
    • Store the items such as mirrors horizontally
    • If there are items that are heavy but weak, you should try to disassemble them. If you feel like it’s a complicated situation, get help from professionals.
    • Wrap the disassembled pieces in bubble wrap and place them in a box as if they were to be shipped.
    • Place the items next to each other, not on top of each other.
    store your antique furniture
    Store your antique furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit.

    Mind where you store your antiques

    You want the place where you store your antique furniture to have constant temperature and humidity. That’s why climate-controlled storage units are a great place to store your antique furniture safely. Some of the units have dehumidifiers, which will help your unit stay dry. Look for a place where your storage will be easily accessible. When you’re carrying an item that’s sensitive as antiques, you want to have the least possible potentially-damaging points. The units should also be secured and not far away from your place, so you can come and check up on your furniture frequently. The storage should be clean, which requires visiting it from time to time.

    Get help from storage professionals

    Sometimes, to store your antique furniture safely, you simply must turn to someone who knows how to handle antiques properly. If you feel insecure in your knowledge or you simply don’t have time to devote to researching how to handle various types of furniture – it’s time to call professionals. Have your antiques handled with great care! That way, you’ll know that your antique furniture will be stored properly. To store your antique furniture safely, give us a call.

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