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    There is a big difference between local moving services and interstate moving services. The reason for this is very obvious and you understand that interstate moving simply requests better and more extensive organization along with other things. Besides the services you will hire to make your move successful, there are things only you can do to make it successful because a lot of them will be your responsibility. To try and help you with everything, we will make an interstate moving checklist that serves as a reminder of everything you should keep your mind on and do during your relocation.

    Is an interstate moving checklist necessary?

    Technically, it is not. You are not obligated to have a checklist at all, you can just hire Park Moving & Storage, go with the flow and hope for the best. On the other hand, since that is the complete opposite of organizing, we really do not recommend that you do it. We have already stated that an organization is very important when moving interstate. This is because you must have certain papers and documents, do a lot of things in advance, and because you cannot just go back if you forget something. The chances are you will not be able to relocate at all if you really do forget something. Since the whole point of organizing is to not forget anything and do everything properly, we believe a checklist is in order. Why a checklist? Because it is fundamental for every organizing process.

    Checklist-Interstate moving checklist
    Having an interstate moving checklist is not necessary but it is highly recommended for several reasons.

    Our interstate moving checklist

    To make things simple, we will be naming all the things that are crucial when you want to move interstate and we will make a list. Let us begin with the papers and documents you will most likely need before we continue to anything else.

    Documents and papers you should have

    1. Moving estimate- A moving quote or moving estimate if you will, is the first thing you should think about because that will give you a number you can organize your money around. You can contact your movers to get a free moving quote.
    2. Bill of landing- It is a simple mandatory paper, nothing special or complicated.
    3. All your personal documents- This means your ID, drivers’ license, medical files, credit cards, mortgage, and similar documents, and more. You know what your personal documents are.
    4. IRS moving tax deductions forms- This is in case you are moving for a job.
    5. Other possible documents that vary because different situations require different papers.
    Remember to get all the documents and paperwork ready on time. We recommend you put them in folders so you do not lose them.

    Making a timeline

    Documents and papers are the first and most important part but there is much more to be done. A good suggestion we have for you is a timeline. We believe that taking a pen, paper, and a calendar can help you a lot with your organization. Circling all the important dates, writing down everything that must be done. It is like your own checklist but with dates and reminders. That way, you will never forget any important obligation you have regarding the relocation.

    Getting proper help for your interstate moving

    Besides your professional movers who will do most of the work for you, there are other kinds of help you can get. Even before you start the official work, you need to be prepared in every way you can. This means calling some friends, family, and similar. They can help you pack, organize, and keep your company so that your relocation is fun and easy. Also, it will be a great way to spend some time with them before you move interstate. Once you do, you probably will not have the time and opportunity. 

    The packing process

    The packing process is probably the hardest part you have to deal with. It takes up the most time, is hard physically, and can get messy all around. The first suggestion we have for you is to consider storage services. You very probably have a lot of things you do not use or have not used in a while. It would be a good idea to put them all into storage. That way, they are safe, protected, and you have fewer things to unpack once you relocate. When it comes to packing itself, make sure you have all the proper moving supplies you need in order to protect your belongings. Your friends and family will help you if you ask them to. Remember to label every single box, item, and bag you have. This is especially if something is fragile or dangerous. Also, since it works in every situation, try making a list of items and just check them off in the end. That way, if you have forgotten something, you will know.

    When packing, lists can be of significant help.

    The interstate relocation itself

    When the time comes for the relocation itself, you will have to be completely ready. Since you are moving interstate, you will not have room for any mistakes and similar. We believe that will not be a problem if you have followed our interstate moving checklist. During the relocation itself, you will need an essentials bag with yourself at all times. That bag should contain some extra clothes, all your phones, laptops, chargers, a folder with all documents, and everything else you need or might need. Literally anything at all. You should have food and water unless you are traveling by plane. There are certain rules to follow when relocating by plane. Remember to wear comfortable clothes to make the trip easier on yourself and be in constant contact with your moving coordinator regarding the move.

    This has been our interstate moving checklist

    We hope that this was helpful. This was a universal interstate moving checklist that may or may not be ideal for your situation. Maybe you have more things to check off. No problem, just remember to add them to our checklist and you will be all set. We wish you good luck!

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