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Interstate Movers: Who to Choose When You’re Making the Big Move

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    More people are on the move in 2021 than have been in recent years. Recent polls have shown that over 20% more Americans plan to move in 2021 than in 2021. Granted, we did face a global pandemic and national lockdowns last year which hampered the moving industry substantially. But the pandemic also sparked more interest in relocation for various reasons, such as cutting living expenses and being closer to family. A lot of these moves are from densely populated metropolitan areas to smaller cities and more rural settings. And most of these moves are also long-distance or interstate moves (interstate movers). Making a long-distance move or interstate move is a lot more involved than a local move. The longer the distance between departure and arrival destinations, the more complicated the move becomes.

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    Interstate Movers: What Matters Most

    When it comes to making a long-distance move, there’s no question that you should seek the help of a professional moving company. There are many advantages to having a professional team at your side. (For more information on DIY moves versus hired help, see our recent article.) The question, then, is not if you should hire a team, it’s which team you should hire.

    Factors You Should Consider

    Experience Matters

    The first quality that you should look for in a moving company is a solid experience. Moving companies that have been active for years (and in our case, decades) will have gained firsthand knowledge that newer companies may not have. As we stated earlier, the longer the move is, the more moving parts the actual move will have. In order to keep your stress at a minimum while executing a successful move, be sure your hired team has the experience that your move requires.

    Licensed and Insured Interstate Movers

    Being a licensed and insured moving company is Good Business 101. But still, you should always check your potential moving teams to be sure that they meet this basic standard. Being licensed means that the business is in good standing with the government and their operation is legitimate. When a moving company is insured, it means that your items are backed by their insurance policy should they incur damage that is proven to be the fault of the moving company.

    Strong Social Currency

    Thanks to our modern connected culture, it is now easier than ever to learn about a business based on the experience of other customers. We strongly recommend checking reviews on Google, Facebook, and other online directories. The quality of a company will become evident through the feedback left by others; use this to your advantage!

    Backed by a Global Van Line Network

    This last factor may or may not matter to you, but we believe that it is worth mentioning. Many independent moving companies (like us) are associated with a van line network. We at Park Moving are backed by Atlas Van Lines, which means that we are connected to a global network of movers that support our company and our jobs.


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