Moving Long-Distance Birmingham: What You Need to Know

Moving Long-Distance Birmingham: What You Need to Know

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    Moving Long-Distance | Birmingham, AL

    If you’re moving long-distance either to or from Birmingham, you will want to be well-prepared in order to make your move as stress-free as possible. In this article, we’ve compiled our most popular tips for long-distance moves with links for further reading.

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    Preparation and Planning

    The first step to having a successful long-distance relocation is putting time and energy into thoroughly planning for your upcoming move. To some, the prospect of planning may be exciting. But to those who may not be as detailed-oriented, this may seem like an unnecessary chore. But regardless, it is a critical step to ensuring that your move is both successful and as low-stress and headache-free as possible.

    To help you with your planning process, we’ve put together a handful of free, downloadable resources:

    Researching your Destination: Moving Long-Distance Birmingham

    One of the most common mistakes made by people who are preparing for a move is failing to research their destination for special circumstances that may need troubleshooting. There are several things that you may need to look into ahead of time. The following are some of the most common things that we have run into in our fifty years of moving experience:

    • Highway tolls
    • Roads with vehicle and/or weight restrictions (ie, no big commercial trucks allowed!)
    • Tight, winding back roads that could be avoided by taking a smoother route
    • Filling stations with entrances that pose a risk to large trucks. Some stations have sloped entries that will cause the truck to bottom out and get stuck. It is a little tricky to research this ahead of time, so we advise our clients to be mindful of this and to have multiple stations accessible when it’s time to fill up.
    • Destination restrictions for movers. If you’re moving to a condo or apartment complex, they may have strict moving procedures that must be followed. Be sure to ask your community ahead of time about move-in day!

    In-Transit: Things to Consider

    Once you know all of the ins and outs of your moving destination, now it’s time to look into finding the best possible route to get there. Long-distance moves can be somewhat unpredictable because you are less likely to be familiar with your arrival city. Do some digging ahead of time about the traffic and road conditions and make adjustments to either your schedule and/or route if needed.

    Executing the Move with the Right Team

    You’ve planned and prepped for your move, your items are all ready to be packed, and you have everything lined up for the big relocation. Now it’s time for the move itself; will you have the right team of people at your side? DIY moves are possible, but experience has proven that the best and safest way to move is with a team of licensed and experienced professionals.

    Not only will a team of moving professionals ensure your personal safety and well-being (moving is physically demanding), but they also keep detailed and professional inventory of all items moving. They also have access to professional supplies needed to move items in the safest manner possible and have all heavy-duty moving equipment (dollies, tie-downs, etc.) on-hand.

    Are you ready to start looking for your team of moving professionals? Get a free virtual estimate from Park Moving today!

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