Long-Distance Moving Challenges and How to Overcome Them

3 Long-Distance Moving Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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    Preparing for a long-distance move from Alabama can be overwhelming. In addition to the usual stresses of moving, the logistics of a long-distance transit introduce new challenges.  In this article, we will be covering 3 long-distance moving challenges and how to overcome them.

    Challenge #1: Packing for a Long-Distance Move Birmingham, AL

    A residential relocation of any distance poses risks for your personal belongings, but the longer the distance, the greater these risks become.  It is essential that you follow proper packing protocols in order to protect your personal belongings.  Cutting corners while preparing your home for a move may save time and money up front, but it could cost you in the long haul.

    Tips for packing for a long-distance move:

    • Proper Packing Materials: When it comes to packing valuable and fragile items, skip the old recycled cardboard boxes and newspaper wrappings.  Invest in professional-grade boxes, foam sheets, and packing material that are designed specifically for safely transporting your household items.  A small amount of money on the front end will save you a lot of money (and grief) when you arrive at your destination.
    • Packing Like with Like:  Another temptation when packing items is to pack more than one type of item (fragile or not fragile) in the same box.  We recommend packing your fragile items separately using proper protective materials to minimize the risk of damage from transit.
    • Over-weighting Boxes: Fewer boxes means fewer trips and fewer boxes to unpack, right?  Well, maybe.  But it also means that those boxes are more likely to be too heavy to survive the haul.  Even if you’re strong enough to lift and carry them without physical stress, the stress on the box itself may be too much to withstand the relocation.  Keep your boxes moderately weighted and you’ll be sure to arrive with everything in one piece.

    Challenge #2: Logistical Strategies

    Leaving one place and moving to another may sound simple, but in actuality, there are many logistical hoops that may need to be jumped through in order to make the relocation a success.  Your move-out date and move-in dates may not align perfectly, and you need to be prepared with moving and storage solutions.  Our biggest word of advice when it comes to a seamless transition is to think ahead and have a plan.

    • Thinking Ahead: Don’t be caught off guard when it’s time to get moving.  As soon as important items are finalized (like the end of leases or closing dates), mark these days down in your calendar.  What will your moving timeframe look like?  Is it a smooth transition from one to the other, or will there be a gap between leaving one place and moving into another?
    • Have a Plan: Now that you know your timeframe, it’s time to make a plan.  If you need to arrange temporary storage solutions for your items, start finding local storage companies as soon as possible to secure your storage facility.  If you are unsure of where to start, call your local moving professionals and they can consult you on the best approach.
    • Know Your Delivery Window:  If you are using a professional relocation service (like us!), be sure to communicate your timeline to the team so the moving company can create a plan to meet your needs and deliver your items at the right time.

    Challenge #3: Know Your Destination

    This issue is more likely to apply to renters or homeowners moving into a residential complex.  Oftentimes, residential complexes (apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, etc.) will have rules that apply to residents who are moving in.  Be sure to check with your new residence to know the proper move-in times and codes.  Some complexes may even require a COI (Certificate of Insurance) prior to moving in.  Will you be using an elevator?  Can you reserve the elevator for individual service (it prevents the elevator from being called to other floors)?  These are all important things to know prior to moving day!


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    Looking for additional resources? MyMovingReviews.com created a helpful checklist of things to do to prepare for an upcoming long-distance move.

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