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Move Long-Distance on a Budget: Tips

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    Moving can be an expensive life event. In fact, the year that you move may be one of the most expensive years of your life. In today’s article, we’re sharing some of our proven tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your move by sourcing free or inexpensive packing materials. Keep reading to move long-distance on a budget.

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    Sourcing Packing Materials to Move Long-Distance on a Budget

    A significant expense when moving is the cost of quality moving materials. (If you’re unsure what materials you may need for your upcoming long-distance move, we’ve put together a free downloadable resource that will help you plan your shopping.) But we have some good news regarding sourcing your packing materials: you don’t have to spend money on it all!

    There are a few ways to source appropriate packing materials without breaking out your wallet. The first way (and the most self-sufficient way) is to ask local stores if they have any packing boxes that they are willing to give away. Most retail stores are happy to reduce their pile of cardboard that’s waiting to be taken to recycling. Stores like groceries, furniture stores, hardware, and the like are the most likely to have strong, durable boxes on hand.

    The next way to source materials is to ask family and friends if they have any that they are willing to give away or lend out. We always encourage our clients to hang on to undamaged materials if at all possible. Moving boxes are often enhanced for durability and can withstand multiple uses. That being said, if the material has sustained any type of damage, it’s best to send it to recycling.

    Reduce the Amount of Items You Will Be Bringing With You

    We talk a lot about decluttering your home and belongings prior to a move. Not only does it help to ease the stress of moving, but it can also help you to save money in a couple of different ways. Having fewer its to move means that you will need less packing materials overall. It also means fewer boxes that the packing company will be loading and hauling, which could potentially reduce your estimate if the difference is substantial enough. Regardless, decluttering is always a very good idea.

    We recommend going room-by-room in your home and making a few piles or categories. One pile will be items that you will be keeping. The next pile will be items that you want to sell via consignment shops, online marketplaces, or yard sales. The next pile is for items that you want to donate. And the final pile will be the trash pile.

    Hire Movers You Can Trust

    This piece of advice is always applicable: do your homework and find a team of movers that you can trust. Not only will a trustworthy team protect your belongings, but it could save you serious money, too. Talk with your potential moving companies regarding their estimates. Be sure that the company that you want to hire has an honest estimate policy and will work with you. Contact us today to get a free estimate and to learn about our policies!

    Avoid Peak Moving Season to Move Long-Distance on a Budget

    Did you know that there is a “moving season?” That’s right, starting in late spring and going until early fall, more people are on the move than ever. And because of all of that demand, movers are less available and their estimates may reflect the increase in demand. If moving on a budget is important to you, try to avoid this peak season.


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