Moving across the state of Alabama : where should you settle |

Moving across the state of Alabama: where should you settle

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    So you have decided to settle in the subtropical paradise but you’re still not quite sure where exactly. Maybe this article can help you. Moving across the state of Alabama requires a lot of consideration. Even if you are a born Alabamian, and you think you know everything about your state, the chances are that a difficult decision is ahead of you. Each place in Alabama is a gem of its own, with a lot of additional treasures to offer. Hence, before you contact a reputable moving company like moving companies Birmingham Al, make sure you thought everything through.

    The most important aspects of choosing your new settlement

    No matter if you decided to move across the globe, the whole country, or just the state, the principal is always the same. The list of the most important things to consider when moving:

    • How far your new home would be from your job, the closer the better
    • The ranking of  the schools if you have children
    • The internet connection if you have a remote job
    • The quality of the soil if you are an agriculturist ( very much related to the state of Alabama )
    • The climate that suits you the best ( the climate varies slightly across the state )
    • The topography of the place you are planning to move to, are you more inclined towards higher terrain, plains, or the sea
    • Demographics, do you prefer living in a densely populated place or isolated from the crowd (this can vary significantly if you are moving across the state of Alabama)
    moving across the state of Alabama
    Moving across the state of Alabama can be a great experience with the right moving company

    The advantages that only Alabama offers

    Let’s now look into some advantages that only Alabama offers, besides the excellent moving services.

    Home is always better

    If you grew up in the state or even lived for a few years, no matter where in Alabama you move, you will certainly feel at home. So if you are considering making a change in your life, start with moving to another city. You should always start with small changes, in case that is exactly what you needed. The stress of moving will be much lower too.

    You probably have all the connections you need

    Even if you are moving all across the state, it is still your state.  You know exactly whom to address for assistance and all the necessary arrangements.  Besides, people in Alabama are well known for their kind-heartedness. Even if you don’t know somebody personally, most likely they won’t refuse to help you in need.

    Alabama is always warm

    The climate is mild and it is warm throughout the year in the state. That also means more energy from the Sun, more possibilities, and rich flora and fauna. The food you’ll be eating is locally grown, and therefore not degraded by preservatives and transportation. If you are looking for a healthy life, you are in the right place.

    Alabama crops
    Alabama has more than 200 sunny days per year

    You will save

    Homes in Alabama rank among the most affordable in the United States. Besides, the general cost of living is quite low comparing to the rest, and the median home value is high. Many argue that the taxation system needs improvement, but overall taxes in the state can be considered moderate. All this sums up to a very comfortable cost of living.

    If moving across the state of Alabama, where to settle

    With a growing economy and preserved natural beauty across the state, it is very difficult to pinpoint the best location to settle in. Besides, every person has their own set of priorities when choosing their future home. Still, we offer you indisputably the top 5 places to move to in the state of Alabama.

    1. Madison, a suburb of Huntsville

    Located at the very north of the state and swirling with the opportunities, especially for the most educated ones among us, Madison is the number one city to consider checking out. Many job vacancies and excellent schools are certainly worthwhile the trouble of moving. The fastest-growing city of the state abounds with restaurants, shops, events, and accommodations. But with the beautiful Dublin Park, your peace of mind is just around the corner.

    2. Mountain Brook

    You want to enjoy the vibrancy of a big city, but you find small towns a lot charming, then Mountain Brook is the perfect place for you. Standing between beautiful mountains, full of historic places, and just a step away from Birmingham this town is as captivating as it gets. Add a stable economy and highly evaluated education and you got yourself a deal you can’t say no to.

    Nature in Alabama
    Beautiful mountains, lakes, and historic places are just a step away from big cities

    3. Pelham

    Another city in the vicinity of Birmingham. Pelham is often underestimated, but it is a mid-size city that came a long way in terms of employment, cost of living, and particularly education. May, October, and April are the most pleasant months of the year. Nice weather can improve your relocation significantly, as well as movers Pelham Al team which is just within a hand’s reach there.

    4. Fairhope

    Let’s move all the way south to the Gulf Coast for slightly different scenery. If you are that type of person who would gladly change busy inland life for coastline strolls among the scented trees, Fairhope is what you are looking for. The average age of the residents is 43, and the population is only 17 000, so you are looking at a fairly peaceful place to relocate to in Alabama. But peaceful shore walks come at a price, with Fairhope being among the more expensive places in Alabama.

    5. Pike road

    For those looking to move to the suburbs of the capital, a good choice would be Pike road. The town is thriving with young professionals aiming to raise their children close to Montgomery but in a safer environment. Enjoy the privileges of the capital, but in a homey environment.

    Big decisions are always very difficult, but also highly rewarding. If you have already set your mind on moving somewhere across the state of Alabama, the only thing left is to choose wisely where to exactly. Get all the necessary help you need, set the date, and enjoy the ride.





















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