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Moving antique pieces of furniture: how to

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    When it comes to relocation, you need to have a good plan. Following it will ensure that your move goes without any issues. This means that you have to plan everything ahead of time. Especially if you plan on moving antique pieces of furniture. This is not something simple as picking up items, packing, and moving. There is some time you need to spend preparing for the relocation. Learn how you can properly move your antique furniture by reading our guide.

    Moving antique pieces of furniture takes time

    Antique furniture is not easy to move. There will be some complications you will have to solve along the way. This is why you have to make a good moving plan when it comes to this part of the move. First things first, try to find good furniture liquidators Birmingham AL for your move. Because when you have professionals moving your furniture, you know everything will go down smoothly. Make sure you give them more than enough time to organize everything. If you can, hire them at least a month ahead. That means they will probably gather all the necessary equipment to move your antique furniture safely.

    person writing about Moving antique pieces of furniture
    Moving antique pieces of furniture requires careful planning

    Moving your household items is not easy. With all the items you have to move, God knows what can go wrong. And if you lack packing skills, then you are going to have more problems than you thought you would. Moving anywhere in Calera can be hard if you do not know what to do. It is important to know that you can rely on the help of a professional moving crew. And sometimes, finding movers Calera AL can be easy. Just make sure to hire them at least a month ahead.

    Think about renting a storage unit

    If you are not sure about your packing and moving skills then you need to find another solution to your problem. Transporting antique furniture is something you have to do carefully. And if you do not have enough free space in your vehicle, then you will have some trouble. You can’t pile other items on your expensive furniture because you can damage it. The solution is very simple really. You need to think about getting storage services AL before you move. This way you will keep all those fragile and costly furniture pieces in one place where they will be protected until you come back to transport them.

    a storage unit
    It is a good idea to put your furniture in the storage unit when moving

    But, moving your furniture to storage units can’t be that easy. There is something you need to have in mind. First, things, you need to use what you have in your home to wrap it around your furniture. This will provide it with some additional protection during transportation. Second, you need to have reliable movers AL to help you move it.  Because if you have a  good moving company helping you transport it to another location, you won’t risk it getting damaged.

    Can you dismantle your furniture?

    The next step you need to do when moving your expensive furniture is to think about what you can dismantle and what you can’t. Usually, antique furniture is not that easy to transport. It comes as a whole, and you just can’t put it into pieces. But, if you just happen to be able to do so, be careful. See the way it was connected and do be careful when you are reassembling it back. Always use a rubber hammer so you won’t damage it when dismantling it. 

    Preparing your furniture for the move can be an exhausting process. It will take time to do it, especially when you have to move something expensive. But, if you do happen to know how to take proper care of wooden furniture, then you are in luck. When you clean and polish your wooden parts, you will keep the quality of your furniture and prolong its life. And this is especially important if you wish to keep it that way.

    What to use as packing materials

    There are not that many choices when it comes to packing furniture for the move. But, if you can, try to focus on more fabrics and less cardboard. There are many items in your home you can use to wrap around your items. Things like blankets, old t-shirt, towels, etc are perfect materials you can use. They will go around the furniture well, and then you can use string rope to tighten it all together. Now, this is just half the job. Once you wrap it in textiles, then you can freely use old cardboard to put it around the furniture. This is something that will provide extra protection. Cardboard is durable enough to protect your items during the move, but at the same time, gentle enough not to damage it.

    image of a blanket
    Blankets are perfect packing supplies

    Remember to stay safe

    Moving antique furniture is hard work. They are not made from light materials, so you need to be extra careful. They are hard and heavy. This means that you have to watch out for possible injuries. Never lift with your back, only with your legs. Keep your back straight at all times. One of the easiest ways to do this is to call for help from your friends or family members. Using a strap can ease the weight of the furniture. This is even easier when you have someone helping you. Just make sure not to get injured while doing this.

    Moving antique pieces of furniture doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, there are some things you need to know more about before planning your move, and we told you everything there is to it. Hopefully, now you have a good idea of how to properly prepare your furniture for the move so you won’t have to worry.

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