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Moving from Alabama to Georgia

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    Relocation requires proper planning and preparation even when it’s not across state lines. However, the concept of cross-country relocation is all the more demanding and challenging to plan and coordinate, especially when we attempt to do so without professional assistance. Today, we discuss the notion of moving from Alabama to Georgia as a relatively short interstate moving distance. Nevertheless, you need to plan and prepare and we are here to help you do it. Let’s see how you can handle this move in the best way possible.

    Decide on transportation means

    You will have the luxury of choosing which way you want to go when it comes to transport. You can opt-out to hire a great moving company like commercial movers Birmingham AL or relocate on your own. If you choose to move with a moving company your life will be a lot easier. Professionals will handle a lot of heavy lifting and you can go about your day and no exhaust yourself.

    If you choose to move on your own there are a few options here. You can rent a moving truck that suits your needs. This will help you move all your things at once, not going back and forth. Also, you can move your items partially with your car over a few weeks, starting with non-essentials. Friends might help you relocate as well by relocating some of your things. The quickest way for sure is going with cross country movers Birmingham AL. But this choice is entirely up to you. Make sure you fit everything into your schedule and be realistic when it comes to planning.

    Visit before moving from Alabama to Georgia

    Since Georgia is not far away it would be a great idea to visit before you move. If you have kids and pets visiting is a must. Getting used to your new place of residence might come easy to you. But to your kids and furry friends, this is a huge change. Visiting your new home will give them a chance to get familiar. They will start t enjoy this place before professional moving companies Alabama finally relocate you. It will benefit you as well as you can meet the area. Check out the nearest hospitals, schools, stores, and everything you need before moving to Georgia to Alabama.

    a woman traveling before Moving from Alabama to Georgia
    Make a few visits before moving from Alabama to Georgia

    Check in to see where you will transfer your utilities and medical files. Do as much as you can on these little visits so you have less to do once you move. Settling in can take some time and you will probably be very tired. So better hurry and make these trips both fun and useful for you and your family.

    Visit some parks around and take a walk with them. School visitation is also an option if you already made your decision. This will ease their anxiety and ease their mind as well. You will be able to accommodate properly after relocating if you let them get familiar and friendly with the neighbors. Stop by to announce and introduce yourself to people living close to you. They can help you with settling in and show you around the area. Meeting new people will probably be super fun for your kids. The new neighborhood is probably full of kids and families so you will never be bored.

    Gather supplies and pack

    Supplies and packing are the most boring part of the move probably. The job seems like neverending, but no worries. You will need to start packing like a professional and with a plan. Being all over the place is not a good technique. But packing room by room after decluttering is. Your storage areas are used the least and hold a lot of stuff. Starting from there will get you through the major part of the job early in the process. As you pack, the rest of the home will stay functional and neat.

    After you throw away everything you no longer need, hop by the store for some packing supplies. Make sure you have the essentials:

    1. Boxes and containers
    2. Packing paper and air-filled wrap
    3. Moving dolly and sliders
    4. Labels and tape
    air-filled wrap
    Air-filled wraps are important packing material

    The rest depends on your needs and what you have laying around your home. Make sure you devote yourself to packing everything properly. The packing process takes some time but it is worth it. You want to keep everything safe and make sure nothing breaks. Include your kids in the process and give them minor tasks. Sending them to their room will only make them feel excluded and like a burden. Moving from Alabama to Georgia should be a fun family experience.

    Settle in and throw a party

    After finally relocating all you need it is now time to settle in. Unpacking right away might not be an option here. You are probably exhausted from all the hard-working and moving. Give yourself a few days to rest and gather your thoughts. Look around your new home and make a clear layout plan. Unpack little by little every single day and do not overwhelm yourself. Learn how to make amazing coffee for yourself and relax. Now you have all the time in the world to settle in properly and you should take your time. Get back to your routine as fast as you can and unpack when you can.

    people cheering with glasses
    Throw a small party to relax after the move

    After you are done it is now time to throw a party. Invite your next-door neighbors and old friends of yours. Meet the community you are now living in and give your best to participate. Tight communities are great for raising a family, are super safe, and feel like family. This is why you should give your best to participate and make it even better.

    Moving from Alabama to Georgia will be super fun and quick as well. With our help and the help of your movers, you will relocate in no time. And also make it look so easy to the rest of the world. Moving is not only work and it can be fun as well. Get the most out of it and make it a memorable experience for your family. No need for stress and negative emotions! Good luck to you!

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