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Moving from California to Alabama: how to prepare

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    What to expect when you are you are relocating all the way from California to the state of Alabama? That is definitely not a short trip, so you should make sure that you know all the aspects of moving from California to Alabama before you embark on such a great journey. Luckily, you are in the right place. Let us talk about all that you need to know about moving to Alabama from all the way from the coast of the pacific ocean.

    Moving from California to Alabama – long way away

    First, you should be aware of just how far your furniture movers Birmingham will be moving your sofas and wardrobes when you are moving from California to Alabama. There are literary a thousand miles that you need to cross to get to Alabama, and that definitely means that you are in for a long-distance relocation. These types of relocations are not only more complicated but also more expensive than their local counterpart, so you should make sure that you know what comprises the cost of such a move.

    Moving from California to Alabama - a highway in the valley
    It will be a long trip!
    • Weight – When moving from California to Alabama, which is a long-distance move, weight, and volume of the items is the most important factor.
    • Distance – Then there is the distance. It will be great non the less, but you can still get some differences, depending on the exact city of your departure and destination.
    • Additional services – Finally, there will also probably be additional services your best movers in Birmingham AL can offer. These cost extra!

    Make sure you get a registered and well-reviewed mover to get you to Alabama!

    Pack and prepare

    You will need to know how to pack for the move. Your items will be shipped a long way, and they might come first, therefore, make sure you find some storage services AL to help you store the times while you are en route. Furthermore, you can use the storage space for downsizing before moving to a new house.

    cardboard packaging
    Cardboard – simple and effective

    As for packing itself, make sure to first get a good packing material. Cardboard boxes will do for most things, but make sure you also have some bubble warps. When packing, always use the boxes that are neither too big nor too small, and never stack heavier, bigger boxes atop smaller ones. Also, keep track of your inventory so you know exactly what you move and in what state it is when it was shipped.

    What awaits you in Alabama

    So, what awaits you in The Yellowhammer State, also known as Alabama. Alabama lies in the deep south of the United States, being the 24th most populous state and 30th largest by size.

    Lush fields in Alabama
    What to expect in Alabama?

    That state is rich in lush forests and many rivers. The capital of the state is Mongomery, while the largest city by population is Birmingham. Birmingham is also the most industrialized city. The state economy is based on the automotive industry, management and finance, manufacturing, mineral extraction, education, service sector, and healthcare.

    Good luck on moving from California to Alabama. We hope that this guide will serve you well!

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