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Moving in under 10 days – how to prepare?

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    Moving is never easy, it can be really stressful, and if you have 10 days or less to pack and transport everything from point to point B, it can really make you lose your mind. Once you find out or decide that you are moving, do not stress out immediately, take a deep breath, and put on paper all the important things you need to do, so you do not forget about something in that fuss. To make the entire process easier and fast, you should consider hiring the best movers in Birmingham AL. If you contact them immediately you have a lot of chances to experience a stress-free relocation. If you are feeling lost, here are some ideas on how to organize moving in under 10 days.

    Plan it – do it!

    Ok, now you know that you are moving in less than 10 days, but if you sit down for at least half an hour to make a plan it will help you a lot. Write on the paper what you must do, who do you need to inform about your moving and consider finding some help. The important thing when moving is to know how much money you have and if your budget can handle the costs of moving. The is step one. Let’s make a list:

    • budget
    • find a new home
    • hire some help if moving in under 10 days
    • pack your belongings
    • gather important documents
    • rent a moving truck
    moving stress
    Not having enough time to prepare for the move can be very stressful.

    Now you have a list of important steps you should take. We already mentioned setting your budget. If you think you do not have enough money, contact your bank or call some friends to help you. If you do not have a home already in your new city, this should be step two. You might think that you need to start with packing first, but no. You will pack easier when you know that you have a place to live in, and if you have enough money to cover your moving costs, and if you count on your friends or mover to help you with the relocation.

    Find some time to find a new home. Or, you can rent a room in some low-budget hotel for a few days until you find a home that suits your needs. If you have too many items to pack, especially furniture, and you are staying in hotels, you will been needing a place to store your items. Contact a reliable moving company and ask for storage services. Make sure you choose a climate-controlled and safe storage unit if your belongings will spend there more time.

    Hire movers if moving in under 10 days

    Having so little time to prepare for the move is a big stress. If you hire reliable movers you will help yourself with the stress caused by moving in a hurry. Professional movers have all the necessary skills, tools, and equipment to conduct your relocation. They will already have all the packing supplies, a suitable moving vehicle, and a storage unit too. You will not have to spend hours packing, and even more important in carrying heavy furniture and boxes, your movers will do that for you. No matter if it is a long-distance move or you are somewhere close, with professionals at your side, it will be much easier and smoother.

    packing boxes couple
    Gather enough packing supplies and start packing.

    Besides all the services professional movers can offer, they can provide you insurance. This means a lot especially if you are stressed about moving that fast. You will not want to be worried about the safety of your items. But, the decision is yours. You can spend your time finding a new home, gathering important documents while your movers are packing safely your items. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of energy too.

    How to pack

    When you have solved some important aspects of your move, you can start with packing. If you already know that you do not want to move some of the furniture to your new home, you can search for the furniture liquidators Birmingham AL residents recommend. Let them help you find the furniture for your new home. Then you can focus on packing your clothes and the rest of your belongings. You will be needing a lot of packing supplies such as boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble bags, etc. If you don’t have time to search for all of this, you can use your suitcases to pack the clothes inside, then use some empty boxes you have.

    One of the solutions for packing your clothes, beddings, curtains, towels, etc is using plastic garbage bags. Also, you can use newspapers to wrap some of your items, like plates, glasses, and other dishes. One of the things you should consider buying is bubble bags, especially if you have a lot of fragile items. Packing really takes a lot of time. So, you might consider calling professionals to help you. If not, then make some calls and ask your friends or family to help you. You will finish with packing faster.

    professional movers
    If you hire reliable movers you will speed up your moving process and have less stress.

    Maybe you will not have enough time to decide what to pack or not before the packing starts. So, do it along the way. Do not keep the things you do not really need. You will save a lot of time if you decide not to take and pack everything. If you have some items in good condition you can sell them, give them to some friends or family, or donate them to some charity organization. Be practical.

    Moving in under 10 days

    We all know that moving is big stress but it is not mission impossible. Start with a deep breath and organize your time in the best possible way. No matter if you are moving in under 10 days or more, if you make a good plan, you will have a successful relocation. Good luck!

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