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Moving long distance with a newborn

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    Are you moving long-distance soon, but you’re also expecting a baby? Don’t worry! Alabama long distance moving companies have experience with relocation that include babies. That happens frequently, as many people move to a new place once their family starts growing. Moving long distance with a newborn can be challenging, but it can be done. To make sure you’re equipped with all the knowledge necessary, keep on reading! 

    Stick to the routine when moving long distance with a newborn

    Sticking to the routine days prior to the move can be very helpful when the move comes. You’ll know when the baby will be sleeping. This will help you know when you’ll have baby-free time, and it might even help your baby fall asleep during the trip. The routine is not only handy, but it’s necessary for the development of a baby. Try to keep it up with the baby’s routine even though you have to pack and do many other moving-related tasks. Moving long distance with a newborn is hard for both the baby and the parents.

    baby yawning
    A routine will help you not only during the relocation but also when you arrive at the new home and need to set up a nursery – do it while the baby is asleep.

    Moving long distance with a newborn means that you’ll need a packing bag for several days

    Packing a bag with all of the baby’s necessities is a must.
    What to bring when you’re moving long distance with a newborn:

    • Diapers – a lot
    • Food for baby
    • Pacifiers
    • Baby toys and blanket
    • Clean clothes

    Packing the baby bag for more than one day is a good idea. That way, you’ll have everything ready when you arrive at the new apartment, and you won’t have to hurry to unpack the stove, fridge, and the rest of the appliances. You’ll be able to devote yourself to unpacking the baby’s nursery and setting it up.

    Have someone over to watch the baby while your items are being handled

    Moving long distance often includes many obstacles. When you’re moving, you’ll need the help of a friend or a good family member. When the movers arrive, chances are that the noise and fuss will disturb the baby. You should ask someone to take care of your newborn for a few hours until the move is done. When all of the trucks have set off and all you need to do is get in the car and drive away, that would be the best moment to pick up the baby. That way, the baby will be safe and avoid all the noise. This tactic is also good for you. You will think about the relocation that’s going on at the moment and not worry about the baby.

    moving long distance with a newborn
    Having someone to take care of your baby during the move will help you focus on the move while also keeping the baby away from the noise.

    Unpack the child’s room first

    Setting up a nursery should be your number one priority when you’re helping your kids to settle into a new home. When you arrive at the new apartment tell the movers where they should place the crib and other baby furniture. They will be glad to help you, and you can unpack the baby items as soon as you arrive. If someone can take care of your baby while you’re doing it, that would make the process most efficient. If not, you can do it while the baby is asleep. Don’t forget to baby-proof your new home over time.

    Hire professional movers to help you

    Crestwood movers Birmingham AL are more than happy to help you have a seamless transition into your new home. Get the free quote or give us a call. Having a professional moving company help you move will give you more time to take care of the baby, and you’ll have fewer things to worry about. Give us a call and see for yourself why we should be the ones to help you with moving long distance with a newborn! 

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