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Moving long distance with a pet

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    You know very well how stressful moving can be for people, but keep in mind that it can be an equally disturbing experience for pets… And let alone moving long distance with a pet! Of course, looking for reliable Alabama long distance moving companies can save you some trouble. Still, whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, or some other pet, you must not forget their feelings in your hustle and bustle, because every animal can perfectly notice and feel the change in everyday behavior.

    Moving long distance with a pet – where to start

    If you are moving long distance with a pet, the first thing you need to do is hire professional Alabama movers. As you store your whole life in boxes, your pet may become upset and prone to abnormal behavior, such as excessive barking, meowing, or urinating around the house. So pay attention to them and dedicate your time to them.

    smiling girl moving long distance with a pet
    Try not to get anxious when moving long distance with a pet.

    Here are some general tips

    • When you are moving interstate, try not to swear and be nervous in the presence of your pets. For them, moving is stressful.
    • Remember to feed your pets.
    • When collecting and running around with boxes, put away things and everything that can distract them in a negative way. 
    • Resolve all issues with veterinarians, if any, in advance (for a couple of weeks). Update the information on their collar (such as new phone number or address).
    • To transport the fish: transfer the water from the aquarium to a bucket with a ventilated lid. Put the fish at the same place and transfer the vegetation from it to another container, adding the same water. Put the land in packages. As for the aquarium itself – wash it, dry it, and wrap it in protective foil.
    • For transporting birds: wrap the cage with cardboard, and put a warm and thick material around it (birds are sensitive to temperature changes).
    • You can transport rodents in their cages, but it is recommended that they be heated if it is too cold outside. In the heat, on the contrary, choose a place for transportation where it will not be too hot and stuffy (so that the animals do not suffocate).
    • Do not feed dogs and cats before the trip. Also, be sure to walk the dog before you leave and make stops along the way.
    • For cats and small dogs, it is better to use hard carriers. Of course, it is not recommended to transport them to a new home in the trunk of a car. The best option is to carry pets on your lap.

    Visit a veterinarian before changing your location

    You should take your pet to the vet before moving. At the time of moving, your pet can be especially upset and distrustful of the new habitat, so it can easily slip through the door or get lost in a new environment. That is why it is very important to secure yourself just in case and find it easily in case such an unwanted situation occurs. Your veterinarian will definitely recommend a reliable clinic near your new place of residence, where you will be able to go as needed or for regular check-ups with your pet. In addition, you can see how to choose a vet. it is important that the veterinarian examines your pet in detail before moving… especially if you are moving to another city or country, to make sure that he is completely healthy and ready to travel.

    Woman making a list
    Make a note to take your pet to the vet before moving.

    Update your pet’s contact information regularly

    Today, technology has advanced so much, that many pets have a collar with a built-in special microchip with all the necessary information. That is why it is important that this contact information is updated regularly. Thanks to this, you can locate your pet much faster if it gets lost.

    Check the rules on the plane that apply to pets

    If you are moving by plane, it may be useful to leave some items in storage units. When booking a plane ticket, check the website of the airline in question to check that your pet is prepared for transport in accordance with that company’s policy. Pets usually go in the luggage compartment, so make sure it is adequately secured. It can happen that your “luggage” arrives after you at the final destination, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

    Take care of your pet when you move to a new location

    Moving to a new environment for your pet can be a huge change. You have to give them all the extra love and attention. Find a local dog park and let your pet run free. Of course, every pet loves a new treat or toy. The most important thing you can do for your pet when it comes to moving to a new home is to maintain the usual pace of activity for as long as possible. So, take your pet for walks, spend time in the game and socializing as before, do not put its toys away as long as possible…

    Dog in T-shirt
    Once you move in, give your pet food and water, and spend some time with them.

    When going to work or leaving your pet alone, try to leave your pet its toys. This also applies when you arrive at your new home and start unpacking. First, give your pet food and water, and spend some time with them.  You can even talk to your pet. It is important to reassure them that everything is fine. Your pet can feel when you are calm down. Good luck with your move!

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