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    include all interior rooms and exterior spaces — basement, patios, decks, garages, storage buildings, etc.)

    Birmingham Moving Tips

    Household Moving Tips

    Preparing For The Move

    • Have a garage sale. Get rid of everything you don’t need before you move.
    • Get organized. Don’t wait until the last minute. Make list of all steps involved in your move –-many of which are included in this tip list — and assign deadlines. Imagine the satisfaction of crossing out items on your “to do” list!
    • Open and shut accounts. Arrange to close your accounts at your local bank and open new ones in your new hometown.
    • Change your address.  Get a change-of-address kit from your post office or go to
    • Be prepared. This is one of the key moving tips for Birmingham residents! Be ready when the packers and movers arrive. This includes doing laundry, washing the breakfast dishes, have your suitcases packed and disconnect computers, stereos and other electronic devices, for example.  Movers shouldn’t have to wait for you to do anything, all items should be ready for packing when they arrive.
    • Label it. Set aside those items that you will be taking with you (e.g., your suitcase, valuable jewelry, financial papers, etc.) and clearly mark them as “Do Not Pack”.
    • Don’t forget the garage.  Drain the gas and oil from all your power equipment (lawnmower, edger, etc.) prior to the movers’ arrival.
    • Post-move clean up.  Schedule house cleaning and other home services for the day after loading.
    • Don’t forget the utilities.  Have your utilities shut off the day after loading (gas, electric, telephone, etc.)
    • Get out of town. Make your travel arrangements for the day after loading. In case of weather delays or other unforeseen problems, you wouldn’t want to miss a flight or other travel-related appointment.
    • Exchange numbers.  Before the moving truck leaves for your destination, give the driver your phone numbers where you can be reached. It is also a good idea to get the driver’s cell phone number.
    • Be prepared II.An important moving tip for Birmingham residents, discard any of the following items which are not allowed on, or shouldn’t be put on, moving trucks:
      • Flammable Items
      • Combustible Items
      • Aerosol Cans
      • Hazardous Materials
      • Gasoline & Paints
      • Plants
      • Ammunitions and Explosives
      • Jewelry
      • Legal Documents (wills, financial papers, insurance documents, etc.)
    • Get help. When using a mover, remember that you are the customer and the boss. If you have any concerns at all or questions regarding moving tips or packing tips, contact your move coordinator immediately.

    Commercial Moving Tips

    Relocating your business is a huge move and an exciting time. In addition to being exciting, this time can also be extremely stressful. Consider this, your entire office is moving to a new location. That means desks, computers, and even the one good chair in the office has to be moved to the new location. To make matters more stressful, you want this transition to be as smooth as possible to avoid any loss in productivity. That is why it is incredibly important to have a game plan set and consider hiring the right commercial mover for the job. Below are a few moving tips for Birmingham businesses preparing to relocate:

    Create a Relocation Checklist

    Make a checklist listing out all of the things that you need to make sure get moved over to the new location. This will help you identify what things are important and what things you want to make sure you see at the new place. Don’t forget we offer packaging services to help move things along!

    Let Employees Know

    Give your employees a heads up so that they can plan for the move. This gives them time to plan their new commute and gather up their desk items.They will appreciate you for it and it will result in a more seamless transition.

    Mark your boxes

    Marking your boxes can help you make sure that everything makes it to the new location. It can also come in handy when you are unpacking at the new place.

    Donate Office Equipment That You Don’t Want or Need

    Moving office furniture is already stressful. Moving office furniture that you don’t want or need is just unnecessary. Donating the furniture you don’t want decreases the amount that you have to move!

    Update Business Cards and Your Website

    Think ahead and update anything with your address on it. This will keep you from running into the awkward conversation where you have to explain that your new business cards haven’t arrived yet.


    When is the best time to move?

    Optimal moving times are any season but summer (mid-May to mid-September) and mid-month. Try to avoid the beginning and end of each month (regardless of the season) and summer, as most people move at these times, which means that are moving companies are extremely busy.

    How do I select the right moving company for me?
    Ask people you know and trust for recommendations, such as neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members.  Visit company websites and read reviews by previous customers, third-party organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Another factor to consider is the moving company’s length in business. Chances are, established firms with long history of operations know what they’re doing – if they didn’t, they wouldn’t still be in business!

    When should I contact moving companies for estimates?
    We recommend at least four to six weeks before your desired moving date. This will increase your likelihood of securing your preferred pickup and delivery dates.

    What happens when a relocation consultant comes to my home?
    In order to provide an accurate estimate for the move, the relocation consultant will visit your home to perform a visual survey of your items,.  If you know of items that are out of view and will need to be moved, and/or visible items that will not be moved,  be certain to share this information with the consultant. Once the visual survey is completed, the consultant will calculate the weight, packing cost and any other charges related to your move.



    Four guys came from Park moving 2 weeks ago to move my family. Not only were they efficient and hard working, but extremely friendly and accommodating. I will absolutely be using them in the future when we get moved into our new home. We checked with several places before deciding on this company and I'm very pleased with our decision. I highly recommend Park Moving to anyone looking for moving services.

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