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Moving with pets: tips&tricks 

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    Is your moving date getting closer, but you’re not sure how your pet will react to moving? Park Moving & Storage has years of experience in the matter and we’ve prepared a series of tips and tricks to help you. Moving with pets always causes anxiety in the owners, and the best way to cope with that stress is to prepare to the best of your abilities. If that’s not enough, you can always hire a reliable moving company to help you with the process

    Talking to your vet before the move is a must. They know your pet’s health condition and they can offer good medical advice.

    Talk to your vet before moving with pets

    Talking to your vet before the move is a must. They know your pet’s health condition and they can offer good medical advice. Your vet may prescribe medication that causes animals to sleep during the move. That will make move easier for both you and your furry friend. Some animals, like cats or small rodents, find the move extremely stressful. It’s well known that dogs are connected to the people while cats are connected to space – which is why visiting a vet is a must especially if you own a cat. They may even know a vet at the place where you’re moving to, so make sure that you get your pets’ records and ask your vet if they know anyone at your new town

    Take care of yourself – animals sense your emotions

    Everyone gets stressed about the move. It’s important that you take care of your mental health, as you getting stressed will result in your animals getting stressed too.  Commercial movers Birmingham AL can are very flexible when it comes to moving dates and arrangements. If you give us a call we can find a perfect time and date for your move. Having a reliable moving company take care of your belongings and move can help you lessen the anxiety. Even having your friends and family help you can be beneficial since handling everything yourself can seem like an impossible task. 

    man laying underneath the boxes
    Stress is bound to happen. Your animals will be confused by the change in the dynamics and the environment.

    Understand that stress is inevitable when moving with pets

    Stress is bound to happen. You’re moving, and if you’re the one handling all the details of your move – you’re going to get stressed. Your animals will be confused by the change in the dynamics and the environment, and if you don’t have anywhere to drop them off, it’s definitely going to be stressful for them as well. The sooner you make peace with the fact that it’s going to be a little hectic, the sooner you’ll be able to react appropriately. If anything, you’ll have an understanding of yourself and your pet’s emotions when they get zoomies or won’t let you sleep. 

    Play with your pet before the move

    You want your pet to be as tired as it can get before the move. If you’re moving without the help of the quality moving company, you’ll have to ask a friend for help. While someone’s playing with your pet and keeping him or her busy, you will have the time to load the truck. The person who’s going to play with the animal will have to be someone your pet knows and trusts. That way your friend can take your dog for a walk or play with your cat in a separate room and get them very tired. If they get tired and have their time filled with activity, they won’t have as much time to get stressed as they would if they just sat around. 

    Find a quiet place for your pets while you pack and load the truck

    If you can’t find anyone to play with your pet, you might want to take it to the daycare or the “hotel” for pets. It’s best if your pet is there during the whole move, and you come and get it after. If that’s not possible, getting your animal right before you head to the new location is the next best option. That will keep your pet away from all the fuss and you’ll be worry-free and able to think clearly.

    Dog peeking out of the car
    If you can go to the new location in your car with your pet, consider placing them in a carrier and having them in the car with you.

    Take your pet with you while traveling

    If you can go to the new location in your car with your pet, consider placing them in a carrier and having them in the car with you. Your presence will help keep them calm. Make sure that you have all the snacks and their favorite toys with you. Blankets and furry animals are also a must. You can drop the blanket over their carrier if they like it better that way. It will also keep the sun away and potentially help them fall asleep.

    What about small pets? 

    Small pets like fishes and rodents are very sensitive. They don’t react to the environment changes well and it would be risky for them to be transported. If you have to do it, contact the vet and breeders to get advice from the professionals. Moving rodents is a little bit different. Make sure that they have everything they need in a small confined space. That space has to be as comfortable as possible. 

    a person holding a hamster
    It would be best if you found another home for your small pet. If you have to take them with you, contact vet and breeders for advice.

    Before the move preparations

    Things to do before the move: 

    • Do the research and find a new vet. Have that vet’s information at hand.
    • Create a new tag with a phone number and change it just before the move. 7
    • If you’re not moving locally, find the rules that concern having your pet on a leash 
    • If you’re moving with pets long-distance, you’ll probably have to stop along the way. Find places like cafes, hotels, motels, and stores that are pet friendly. 

    Hire professional movers when moving with pets

    Local movers Birmingham Alabama are more than happy to assist you and your furry one with the move. When you hire professional movers, you get more time to take care of your pet. We will make sure to follow all the guidelines you give us to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. We’re open to suggestions and compromises, and we will transport all your belongings safe while keeping your pet’s stress levels at a minimum. Our movers are trained professionals who have years of experience. Moving with pets doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Give us a call and see why we’re the best solution for you and your furry friend! 

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