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    When the moment for relocation comes, there are going to be many different things to deal with. Given the number of tasks that you are going to have to deal with, it is important to know what exactly you need to do and when. No matter whether you are looking to complete a commercial or a residential move AL, you need to come up with a moving plan that is going to be coherent and thorough. Still, there are differences between the above-mentioned types of moves. Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at what your office moving checklist should contain. As a moving company that has been in the business for quite some time now, we have seen it all. So, we are confident that our knowledge can be of benefit to you. Go ahead and make the most of it!

    Divide your moving checklist into segments

    Planning is the key

    Before we take a look at the detailed list of what every office moving checklist should contain, let us point out that planning is the most important part of any move. 

    In the case that you decide to take your moving process for granted, there is going to be no way for you to see it through successfully. Simply, there are going to be many tasks that you are going to have to deal with. So, knowing when you are dealing with each and every one of them is the key to your successful move. So, when the time for your commercial relocation comes, make sure to take all the time you need to prepare well for the move. When the moving process has finished, you are going to be happy that you took the time you needed to prepare for the move well.

    What should a quality office moving checklist contain

    Now that you are aware of how important planning is in a process of relocation is, it is the right moment to take a look at what main issues your office moving checklist should address.

    Your checklist should be divided into three subcategories as follows:

    • Phase one:
      • Review your current lease
      • Come up with a moving budget
      • Start looking for the right Alabama moving company to hire
    • Phase two:
      • Come up with a moving date
      • Break the news of moving to your current landlord
    • Phase three:
      • Actively start prepping for relocation

    Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these bullets.

    To review your current lease should be on your office moving checklist

    One of the best moving tips that we can give you would be to review your lease and the terms under which you can exit it without having to pay penalties.

    The best thing to do is to review the lease as early as possible. Also, do it with help from your legal representative or counselor. Contracts are often written in legal jargon. Therefore, it can be pretty difficult to understand the terms in the case that you do not have knowledge in this field.

    Come up with a moving budget

    The next thing to do would be to come up with a moving budget.

    Your office moving checklist should contain a moving budget
    Know your moving budget as early as possible

    Knowing how much money you can spend on your moving process is a crucial piece of information. So, you should make it your priority to find out how much money you can afford to invest in this process. Obviously, many of us would like to save as much money on moving as possible. Still, it is important to regard this as an investment rather than as a cost.

    Start looking for the right moving company to help you relocate

    Then, once you know your moving budget, start looking for a moving company to help with your process of relocation.

    There are many things that you should be looking at when trying to find a reliable mover. Still, free moving quotes should give you an idea of what a moving company can do for you and at how high a level.

    Come up with a moving date

    When you have received moving offers, decide exactly when you would like to move. Let your chosen movers know about the date and hope that they are available at that time. After all, moving in high season within or out of the state of Alabama can be a drag. So, act quickly.

    Image of a calendar
    Set your moving date well in advance

    Break the news to your current landlord

    Letting your landlord know that you are going to relocate well in advance is the best thing that you can do.

    Still, you should not rush about this business. First, make sure that your lease allows you to pull out of the deal. Then, come up with a moving plan, find the space where you are moving to and set the moving date. Only after you have finished all of these tasks should you go ahead and break the news to your landlord.

    However, do not get us wrong. We are not advocating for keeping your landlord in the dark. All that we are saying is that you should allow enough time to make the right decision for your company. Only after you have done this and are certain that moving is the right thing to do should you break the news.

    Actively start prepping for relocation

    With everything else off the table, start preparing for relocation. Preparing new offices, packing and all that comes with that should be taking place in this phase. It is going to be the longest of them all, so stay focused.

    Are you ready to come up with an office moving checklist now?

    Now you have seen what the general outline of your office moving checklist should be like. Now, go ahead and start preparing for your move. It is going to take quite some time to finish it. So, the sooner you get on with it, the better.

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