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Packing Supplies Checklist: Long Distance Moving | Birmingham, AL

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    include all interior rooms and exterior spaces — basement, patios, decks, garages, storage buildings, etc.)

    We are back again with another free resource to assist you in your long-distance move. In this article, we are providing a packing supplies checklist that covers all of the necessary materials you will need to gather prior to packing your belongings. For previous resources, see our first-night box checklist and the pre-packing planning checklist.

    The remainder of this article covers highlights from the checklist as well as certain factors that you will need to take into consideration when purchasing supplies. To download the full checklist in pdf format, CLICK HERE.

    Packing Supplies Checklist: Long-Distance Moving

    • Packing Boxes – don’t skimp on the quality! A better quality box will protect your belongings in transit. You will likely need boxes of all sizes, from small to extra-large.
    • Tape – multiple tapes may be needed to complete your move. See the checklist to learn more.
    • Scissors and Box Cutters
    • Writing Utensils
    • Bubble Wrap and other protective materials
    • Tie-Downs – the types of ropes and tie-downs needed will vary according to the types of furnishings you will be moving
    • Furniture Blankets and Mattress Covers
    • Felt Pads
    • Cleaning Supplies – this list is quite long, so be sure to check it out on the downloadable pdf!

    packing supplies needs long-distance move

    Estimating Supplies Quantities: Factors to Consider

    Once you know what you need to complete your long-distance relocation, the next question is: how much supplies will I need? We can’t give you a precise quantity for your supplies, but we can help to point you in the right direction.

    The following factors will influence how many items you will be transferring, therefore dictating the quantity of supplies needed:

    • How many people live in the home being moved?
    • How many years have you lived there? The longer you’ve resided in one place, the more belongings you will have accumulated.
    • How many rooms will you be packing to move? Does your current residence have large square footage?
    • Do you have a lot of dense items like books to pack?
    • How much heavy equipment (tools, kitchen equipment) will be going?


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