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Reusing your moving supplies: tips&tricks

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    Once you move, you may just be left with some packing material that you are not sure what to do with. And depending on the product being packaged, cardboard boxes can be used to store small items such as jewelry, all the way to huge electronic appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. As there are many ways of reusing your moving supplies, let us show you some of our main tips and tricks today.

    Should you be reusing your moving supplies?

    The answer to the question of should you be reusing your moving supplies depends solely on you. If you are not sure that you will need the boxes once you relocate, contact Park Moving & Storage and see the options of box renting. But if you have some moving supplies that are left behind, here are the ways to use it.

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    There are many ways of reusing your moving supplies, let us show you some of our main tips and tricks today.

    Plant a seed

    Once you get your boxes out of the storage unit you may be left with some boxes. If you know how, you can use smaller boxes as a pot for seedlings. Take of the lid, fill the box with soil, and plant seeds. Also prepare scissors, a knife, and glue. When the plant starts to grow, put it in a pot. You can even plant it with all the cardboard because it will decompose.

    Get rid of that moisture

    Nothing worse than when you throw a garbage bag, and dirty liquid leaks out of it all over the house. That is why it is good to line the bottom of the new bag with cardboard boxes when you put it on. Just put them on the bottom, and they will collect all the excess moisture that leaks out of the trash. This is also a great idea to use if you move long distance. There will be so much dirt and garbage that goes into the house and boxes are great protection.

    Footwear barrier

    Wet and dirty shoes are may be the part of our everyday life. And we know that no matter how much you wipe your shoes on the mat, it is always a bit wet. It will dry best on those big cardboard pallets. They may not look very nice, but as soon as the shoes dry, remove them. Again, this is a great trick if you just finished with your residential moving. Moving team can walk freely around the house, and you’ll have less job cleaning it later.

    Once you get your boxes out of the storage unit you may be left with some boxes.

    The secret box

    You know the feeling: even if you had a hundred drawers, you don’t know where you would put all these little things. Beads, buttons, thread, small money, etc. All that can be sorted with boxes. If you are creative, you can paint them with gold or silver spray and organize it as a jewelry box. You can also display them on the shelves, or if not, hide them in one of those hundred drawers.

    Light your fire

    If you have a fireplace, then you’re lucky. Simply tear the cardboard or cut it into small pieces, place it between wood or charcoal and light a fire.

    Color palette

    Cardboard boxes will serve you great as a palette for tempera, either for you or your child. And the most practical thing is that after each “creative trip” you can throw away such a palette.

    Gift boxes

    Cardboard boxes are great for gift wrapping. Cardboard boxes can be a perfect addition to your gift, which will later serve as a decoration, or as a place to hold various household items. If you want your gift to be unique, you can decorate a box, which you will color, stick with stickers, photos, sequins and various other ideas. There are too many possibilities, you just need to be creative and pack your gift in an original way.

    Decorative boxes of all kinds

    Don’t let boxes filled with different things lie on the floor and spoil the interior. You can also decorate them in fairly simple ways. All you will need is a sewing fabric or maybe some old T-shirt, old belt, scissors, glue and pins.

    When you move in, don’t let boxes filled with different things lie on the floor and spoil the interior.

    Cover the entire surface of the box with a cloth. Glue the material to the box on the inside or bottom so that no glue is visible on the outside. Then measure how much of the strap you need to be able to serve as a holder for the box. Cut it, pierce it, glue it to the box and fasten it. When you fill boxes arranged like this with toys, books, magazines, make-up or anything you can think of, no one will believe that they are, in fact, used cardboard boxes.

    Decoupage on a cardboard box

    Decoupage can be done on different materials, and one of them is a cardboard box. It would be perfect if you have white cardboard because of that way the motifs from the napkin. The darker the background, the less the motifs will be painted… Or simply use light motifs on a dark box.

    To make the decoupage, you will need a box, napkins, acrylic glue, a brush, acrylic paints (optional), and scissors. First, you need to cut out the motifs and patterns from the napkins that you want to be on the box. We recommend that you remove the third layer from the napkin, to make it easier to cut the napkin.

    Carefully brush the motifs on the box in the places you want, being careful not to tear the napkins. When the acrylic glue dries, it becomes invisible. If the napkin tears during gluing, it can be easily repaired with felt-tip pens. You can also use acrylic paints if you want to achieve shine, or add sequins. In this way a box that was ready to be thrown away becomes an interesting decoration in your home that can be used as a jewelry box.

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