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The secrets of a successful business relocation

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    Moving your company can sometimes be way more complicated than moving your home. Your company needs to stay up and running for as long as possible, if not through all of the processes. On the other side keeping your workers happy and productive is important as well. Handling all of it at the same time may be hectic, but we are here to help! Let’s see what are the secrets of successful business relocation!

    Timing is everything

    If you have been keeping track of your business inquires for some time you can determine a pattern. Every business has a period where they have more work than usual and a period with less to do. One of the secrets to a successful business relocation is perfect timing. Once you establish the period you have less work to do start making plans for relocating in that period. You will be able to keep your business up and running longer and work under less pressure. Commercial movers Birmingham AL will help you manage your move as quickly as possible. If you are not able to manage moving during that time no worries. You can still manage to move with some little adjustments to your plan.

    a person making a plan as one of the secrets of a successful business relocation
    Making a plan is one of the secrets of a successful business relocation

    Opt-out for a moving company

    A lot of great moving companies have business relocation packages. As soon as you determine the moving period you should dial local movers Birmingham Alabama. The sooner you call the better deal you will have for your move. Be sure to consult with them about the moving method. If you have never relocated a business before movers will be of great help. Since they are professionals, they work very fast and meticulous. When relocating a business being fast means everything. Your clients won’t wait a lot and you will be right back on track.

    Everything precious in the office will be safely transferred to a new location. Organize a team of workers and declutter the office before you call the movers. Get rid of everything you no longer need. Store the rest in a storage area close to your new location. You can also organize a yard sale to sell excess supplies and furniture. Finance a part of the movie with the money from the yard sale, or pay off the storage area.

    Make a moving plan for a successful business relocation

    Moving plan is your best friend when it comes to moving your business alongside good timing. Even relocating your home with your family is difficult without a relocation plan. Making a plan can take some time and you should start as soon as possible. Make sure you have other people around you with as many ideas as possible. Brainstorming is not only good when it comes to your work productivity. Arrange a moving committee to organize the entire move more efficiently. Put a person in charge of the committee that will report all of the moving details to you. Work close with everyone on the team to keep the spirits up and be a part of the process. Every person on the committee should be in charge of a different task like:

    1. Decluttering
    2. Sale
    3. Storing
    4. Relocation details
    5. Managing volunteers
    people having a meeting
    Organize a meeting and put people in charge of different tasks

    Put out a list for volunteers to sign up if they want. Do not force anyone to participate if they do not want to. Let the rest of the company proceed to work as usual and keep the company up and running. The moving plan should be made week by week activities organized. With people assigned to execute them and a time frame to do so.

    Notify your customers

    Even if you are moving in a slow period, you will stiff need to notify your clients. Sending a notice a month in advance is good for business. Assure your customers that your firm is still operating or notify them about a pause you will make. That way your clients will have insight into what’s going on and you are portrayed as responsible as you are. Have your employees not related to the move deal with clients while you deal with the move. If needed call the clients yourself to assure them nothing has changed in your relationship. Movers Birmingham AL will deal with the move fast. You will be right back to it with no additional issues and ready for great victories.  Clients will have more understanding of the moving process if something prolongs.

    Storage unit to the rescue

    Storage units are great when relocating a business and for expanding it as well. It is a good idea to organize your commercial storage close to your new location to ease the relocation. You can work alongside your movers and move little by little into the unit. Relocate the most important items to your new office and store the rest into a unit. The sale we mentioned can be organized in your new storage area. You can also use the money from the yard sale to pay for it.

    storage units
    It is a good idea to rent storage units when preparing for commercial move

    After you are done with the moving process you can store your records in here and keep your new office clutter-free. We are way past the dark office full of papers that are never fully operational. In modern times we strive for more space and minimalism. Consult with people on how you wish to proceed with redecorating the office after it is clutter-free. Your employees will have many ideas, trust us. There will be a lot more work to do after the relocation is over. Productivity will be sky-high amongst your employees if your new office is clutter-free.

    The secrets to a successful business relocation are good organization skills and people. Once you manage to gather a team, work closely with them for the entire duration of the move. After the move makes sure your employees have everything they need to start working again. You will have all the time in the world to decorate the new office as you please. With the help of movers and your employes, this relocation process will be fast and with no issues.

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