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Tips to cope with moving stress

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    If you’re about to move or just moved, it’s normal that you might be feeling stressed. Still, you really don’t have to worry, because stress doesn’t always have to be harmful. On the other hand, if you deal with stress every day, let us give you a few tips to cope with moving stress and ideas on how to deal with difficult situations more easily. Let’s start!

    Can’s cope with moving stress? Start here!

    When you relocate, you might feel overwhelmed and not really being able to cope with moving stress. And there are internal and external factors that can trigger your stress level. So, let’s start with things that can impact you on the outside. For example, you can always hire reliable Alabama movers. Professionals will surely make the whole process of relocation a lot easier. So take care of any outside factor that you can have an impact on.

    couple - cope with moving stress.
    When you relocate, you might feel overwhelmed and not really being able to cope with moving stress.

    Stress is everywhere

    As you may imagine, stress affects all people. And the modern way of life almost inevitably implies a certain dose of tension. So when you move, this dose can be doubled. You might not be able to choose among Alabama long distance moving companies or make any other decisions. Or, you may have noticed symptoms of stress when playing with your children, or during working hours at work, while making important decisions or facing new challenges. Stress is, therefore, everywhere.

    However, some stress is actually good in smaller doses, while too much stress can shake your health, both mentally and physically. That is why today we will give you ways to help you in coping with moving stress and fighting this modern disease through physical activity and diet.

    Be active

    If you feel stressed, one of the best things you can do is go for a run or visit a gym. You can go indoors or even better – outdoor. Exercise is really important, even if you just move your residence locally. In addition to having a big impact on your mood and stress level, exercise also helps to rest the mind from accumulated problems.

    As you know, sitting in front of the TV for hours and physical inactivity bring negative thoughts that affect mood. On the other hand, exercise is great for releasing mood-boosting chemicals in the body, such as endorphins and anandamide, which directly help reduce anxiety and increase mental health.

    couple preparing for the move
    It’s best to choose a favorite song that improves your mood and sing out loud.

    Consume tryptophan

    You’ve probably already noticed that people under pressure unknowingly reach for snacks or unhealthy food? This does not have to be a path to obesity if the food is organic, preferably of plant origin. More specifically, statistics have shown that foods that contain tryptophan, an essential amino acid, are great for making you relax in moments of tension. Namely, this nutrifier helps in the secretion of serotonin which directly improves mood, and melatonin, which helps in the regulation of sleep. Foods that contain tryptophan are soy, cheese, turkey, and chicken.

    Listen to music

    Various studies have shown that music is good for reducing stress, and many people are aware that listening to your favorite music improves your mood. So, play some music while you pack, relocate or place your items in storage. This strong link between music and reduced stress levels in everyday life suggests that music can greatly help with relaxation. This is especially beneficial during therapy in people undergoing surgery, critically ill patients, and pregnant women. Instead of looking for “relaxing” genres of music, it’s best to choose a favorite song that improves your mood and sing out loud.

    Take a deep breath

    There are many ways to reduce stress but simple breathing exercises can do wonders. So, if you don’t have time or money to go to the gym, one of the fastest ways to relax is to take a few deep breaths. You can always search for some techniques online or simply breathe in and out at least 5 times. Tense situations like moving cause people to start breathing faster than normal. That’s why taking deep, slow breaths can be an effective way to relax muscles and calm the pulse, and thus regulate your blood pressure.

    a girl doing yoga
    Apply deep breathing in your physical activity or combine it with yoga, pilates, or meditation exercises.

    If you belong to a group of people who are often worried or nervous, try to apply deep breathing in your physical activity or combine it with yoga, pilates, or meditation exercises that can promote relaxation and well-being of the body in every situation, not just moving.

    Take a treat now and then

    The good news for many candy lovers is that chocolate is a food that has a high magnesium content – which helps in relaxation. It also contains anandamide, a neurotransmitter that can help you experience a feeling of peace (we have already mentioned it in this text). Some research shows that you can take chocolate daily. as long as it has more than 75% of cocoa ingredients.

    Hug someone you love

    A warm hug is a long-proven way to lift your mood, and therefore a great way to reduce stress before, during, and after the move. Physical contact has been found to raise the level of oxytocin – the “love hormone” – and in contrast reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes us more relaxed. The same effect is achieved when we play with a pet, so you can go hug your pets too!

    We hope that these tips will help you go through better and more stress-free relocation. Again, don’t forget to take care of your physical activities and nutrition after you relocate.

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