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Unpacking Like a Pro After Your Interstate Move

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    Are you planning the interstate move, but you’re not sure how the unpacking process will look? Park Moving & Storage has prepared tips and tricks to help you transition seamlessly into your new home. Unpacking like a pro takes a little bit of time and practice, but with the right guidance, you’ll be able to unpack in no time and without any inconveniences. Interstate moves are specific – they require careful packing and decluttering. That means that people usually don’t bring as many items as they would if they moved locally. This makes your job even easier – but don’t get too relaxed, you’re yet to get into it. To find out how to unpack like a pro, check out what we’ve prepared for you! 

    The number one rule to unpack like a pro

    There’s one golden rule that you should follow when you need to unpack. It’s of ultimate importance not to procrastinate when it comes to unpacking like a pro.  Movers Trussville AL can help you move your items to the storage if you need more space to store the boxes until you’re ready to unpack them. If you truly want to do it right, make sure you don’t leave the boxes unpacked for weeks or months. That will only prolong the feeling that you still haven’t settled in your new home. The longer you wait for the right time to come or for something to cause you to unpack it – the longer you’ll need to start doing it again. Ride the inspiration while it lasts and unpacks as soon as possible. If you find yourself leaving the boxes and not opening them for months, consider selling some of those items. Apparently, you really don’t need some of them and they’re taking the space. 

    woman and a couch
    The first step to unpacking is placing the big furniture pieces!

    Big pieces should be the first to find a place

    Place the big furniture pieces first. Everything else will be revolving around them, so this is the crucial part. If you do it right, you won’t have to move the big, bulky furniture pieces and other items. Movers usually offer to place those items at the desired location in your home when they’re unloading the truck. Use the opportunity and take your time to decide. If you can get the blueprint of the home and make the plan where to place the furniture in advance. That will save you time and you’ll definitely be making a good decision. If some of your friends are architects or interior designers, you can always ask them to give you an opinion on your furniture distribution. 

    Unpack like a pro by following this list

    There’s the order that you’ll want to follow when it comes to unpacking the items.
    Follow this list to start unpacking like a pro: 

    • Place the big furniture pieces first
    • Find the place for smaller furniture pieces and electrical appliances 
    • Unpack clothes, kitchen and bathroom necessities
    • Unpack the rest, and do it room by room to keep the mess localized and to make the cleaning easier. As you finish the room, clean it and go on to the next one
    moving boxes stacked in a room
    Stack the moving boxes in one room to localize the mess.

    Stacking the boxes

    When you have arrived at your location, make sure you stack the boxes in one room or a corner. If you decide to get help from Cross country movers Birmingham AL, they’ll know how to unload the truck perfectly and help you start the unpacking process on the right foot. By localizing the mess, you’ll be able to move freely through other rooms and move the items. Of course, you want to keep the boxes in the room that you’re least likely to use. If your place has a garage that’s also a suitable option. Make sure you check the labels on your boxes and arrange them according to how fast you’re likely to need something from those boxes. You don’t want to unpack the items that you don’t need first and have to search for the ones you do for the hours.

    Pack well to unpack well

    When you’re packing your items before the move, you’re doing half the job when it comes to unpacking as well. If you pack your items in a logical way you’ll be helping yourself so much. Packing and sorting carefully will pay off! When you’re packing, make sure that you group the items logically. Pack the boxes with items that you will need immediately, and place a, for example, the red label on them. Determine which signs you’ll have for boxes with the urgent items. Make sure you place the label or write it on every side of the box. That will prevent missing the label and placing the box somewhere between all of the others. 

    unpacking labeled box
    Labeling your boxes will help you find the items when you start unpacking, so make sure you do it right!

    Lists and goals will contribute to unpacking like a pro

    In order to unpack in a timely manner, write a list of the things you need to do. Set smaller goals and be strict about fulfilling them. Try to follow the list as best as you can and then cross out the goals that you’ve achieved. It will help you keep track of your obligations and tasks that are yet to be done, but also give you the satisfaction of seeing your progress. Having the inventory list and unpacking the items bit by bit will also help you. There are numerous actions that need to be taken before you truly relax and settle into your new home. Unpacking like a pro and getting rid of your packing material will help you tremendously. Park Moving is at your disposal at any time, should you need help in packing, moving, or storage. We have helped numerous persons settle into their new home with ease. Are you ready to start unpacking yet? 

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