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Useful tips for organizing your storage unit

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    include all interior rooms and exterior spaces — basement, patios, decks, garages, storage buildings, etc.)

    Have you been moving recently, and you decided that some items need to go into the storage unit? You want them to be accessible and neatly organized, but you’re in need of a little guidance. If that applies to you – you’ve come to the right place. Organizing your storage unit isn’t an easy task, and our company is here to help you arrange your storage unit as neatly as possible. Keeping your storage organized will help you have easy access to the items that you need – when you need them. There won’t be any stress and searching which causes the mess to become even worse. You’ll know exactly where your items are. To find out how to keep your items organized, read our tips!

    Temperature control keeps mildew away and your items in perfect shape.

    Is your storage unit climate-controlled?

    Having a climate-controlled storage unit will help your items last longer. You’ll also approach packing them differently. Commercial storage Birmingham is offering climate-controlled storage. They don’t require a meticulous packing as the ones without the climate because they keep the temperature at perfect levels. Temperature control keeps mildew away and your items in perfect shape. If you don’t have anything that’s sensitive to mildew, then you can get the regular storage space. If you do, think good about the type of storage that you are going to rent. 

    Keep your boxes constant size when organizing your storage unit

    Many experienced moving companies and movers, like professional movers Birmingham AL, will tell you that you need to get as many boxes of the same size as possible when placing your items in the storage. Why is that? Because then you can stack them one onto another in any way you want, and you’re not limited by the size or shape of the box. There will be, of course, items that won’t fit the regular size that you chose. Those items will go into larger boxes and probably at the bottom. If you have more large boxes that are all equally important and you think that you’ll be opening them frequently, stack them one onto another and place them in a separate corner. 

    woman writing on a box
    Make sure you label your boxes and write the symbol, word, or mark on a side of the box since they will be stacked on one another.

    Label the boxes to be able to create an inventory list easier

    It goes without saying that you want your boxes to be labeled. Helena moving companies can pack you and label your boxes for you if you’re aiming for perfection. If not, make sure that you place labels both on a box and on a shelf. That will help you find what you need faster. When you’re labeling a box, place a number on it, or a letter, so that you can later use the label when you’re creating your inventory list. Make sure to place the label on the sides, on top of the boxes as they’ll be stacked on one another and you won’t be able to see it.

    Pack the items you need frequently in separate boxes when organizing your storage unit

    Go through the items and see which ones you’re using frequently. You’ll probably know without even thinking about it, but you should take your time anyway. When you’ve decided what you want to use, then place those items in boxes and label them with a special label – place a star or a symbol next to it. When you’re organizing your storage unit, put those boxes in front and on top so they’re easily accessible

    Have the content of the box written on a list

    Here’s an example of your storage inventory list. 

    How to write a list when organizing your storage unit:

    • Box A*: -Winter clothes (two pair of jeans, three jumpers, a jacket)
    • Box B: -Garage tools
      -Planting kit
      -Bug sprays and similar chemicals

    You don’t have to write absolutely every item on your list, but make sure that you take note of the items that you know you’ll need, or that aren’t falling into any specific category. You can list all of the items, but it would take you a lot of time – if you have it, there’s no reason not to do it. Make sure that your lists are written on a durable paper. A list needs to be neat and easy to read

    cardboard boxes
    Have you stacked the boxes up to the top and there isn’t much space left? You may need to think about upgrading your storage space!

    If you have many boxes, maybe you need more storage

    If you’ve stacked the boxes up to the top and there isn’t much space left for you to move through the storage, then you may need to think about upgrading your space. You’ll find your items faster and be able to manipulate them in a different way. If your items fall over frequently and you have struggle stacking them, then you’re definitely in need of bigger storage. 

    Organizing your storage unit would be easier with semi-transparent plastic bins

    When preparing your items for storage, think about renting plastic bins. They are semi-transparent and you’ll be able to keep your items stacked on top of one another easily. When you have an inventory list and semi-transparent bins, you can find anything you need in a matter of minutes. If you don’t think that you’ll be frequenting the storage often, then you might not want to invest in plastic bins. If, on the other hand, you’re sure you will come there quite often then, by all means, invest in plastic bins and make your life easier in the long run! 

    Are you thinking about renting a storage space? 

    Park Moving is a company with many years of experience both in moving and offering storage solutions. If you’re looking for reliable, climate-controlled storage space, no need to look any further. We offer differently sized storages under very reasonable prices. If you’re curious, you can always get a free quote or give us a call. We’re ready to answer any questions you might have about the safety and cleanliness of our storage spaces. Are you ready to rent a storage space yet? Call us and book storage just like you’ve imagined! 

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