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What are the types of moving estimates

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    Moving is increasingly common but not increasingly cheaper. That means that you need to be very careful when you are making your moving budget and that you need to watch your expenditures with great attention. That is why a moving estimate is such a valuable tool at your disposal. With it, you can know how much you will spend on any given move, or rather close to that. Here is how moving estimates work and what the types of moving estimates are.

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    There are three types of moving estimates.

    The types of moving estimates

    So what are moving estimates? Moving estimates, or alternatively moving quotes, are general estimations of the final price that are given by professional movers like any of the moving services Birmingham.

    These estimations come in three big varieties. These are:

    • Binding – The most reliable among the three types of moving estimates.
    • Binding not to exceed – The one that has a margin of error.
    • Non-binding estimate – The one with almost no guarantees.

    Let us explain further.

    Binding estimate

    So, you have hired moving help Birmingham Al, for example, and receive a binding estimate after a representative of the moving company has come to the house and looked at the items you are going to move, the distance you are going to move them on, the additional services needed and such. His conclusion will be written down. If it is a binding estimate, you are absolutely assured that this is the final price of the move. It can really only go down from here. As long as the estimate has included all the possible expenditures, additional services included, you are care-free when it comes to these types of moving quotes.

    Binding not to exceed the estimate

    The second one among the types of moving estimates is binding not to exceed the estimate, which, as its name suggests, binds only the maximum price, while leaving room for it being lower.


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    How does binding not exceed work?

    These types of estimates are great for when you are trying to get a feel of the worst-case scenario. Once you operate within the utmost boundary, you can only get pleasantly surprised and find out you saved some money after your relocation via long distance movers Birmingham Al!

    Non-binding estimate

    Finally, there is the non-binding estimation that you might receive. Non-binding are just that – they are not necessarily what the price will be. They are the most fickle of the bunch, and the price can go both down and, unfortunately, up. However, if the company you are getting the said estimation from is registered with the FMCSA (which you can check on their site), they will have to guarantee that the price will not go above 110% of the initial estimation. So get your online financial calulator ready and calculate what the best price will be for you!

    There have been three types of moving estimates that you need to know about. However, in summary, let us remind you that the best moving estimate is the one that is free. If you have to pay for one, you might as well turn to the competition and ask them for a free one! Oh, and make sure that they are in person! These are the most accurate ones.

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