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What to do while movers pack your stuff

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    Moving entails many responsibilities. Besides the logistics part, you need to plan and organize the packing of your belongings too. You may consider hiring professional services to handle it for you, but even so, you need to be in charge of the whole situation. Our pros at moving companies Alabama have a few tips on how to be proactive while movers pack your stuff. If you want your moving process to go without a hitch and maximize the stress-reducing effect, read on.

    A child in a cardboard box
    Think of a fun activity for your children, to keep them away while movers pack your stuff

    What can you do while movers pack your stuff?

    Depending on the size of your household, and your individual moving needs, you need to find and book the right residential movers in advance. Once you do this, it’s easier to plan on how you want to carry out your moving process. Besides the transfer of your items, you should consider if you need professional help with the packing of your belongings. Regardless of whether you opt for full or partial packing services, you need to be present while movers pack your stuff. This is the very least you can do, to ensure things are done correctly and efficiently. Besides, here is what you can do for the best outcome:

    • Prepare your appliances and furniture before the movers arrive
    • Sort out your possessions
    • Keep your children and pets away from the packing site
    Two women tacking a bed - what to do while movers pack your stuff
    Prepare your household items in advance, to ensure the process goes smoothly, while movers pack your stuff

    How to prepare before the movers arrive?

    Before your furniture liquidators Birmingham AL arrives at your home on your moving day, ensure it’s ready for the move. Remove items, like books and decorations from the shelves, empty your drawers, strip the beds and unplug and disconnect your household appliances and electronics. While movers pack your stuff expertly, you know your household items best, and how do they function. Organize your cables and cords accordingly, so you avoid a mess, that will be a hassle to sort in your new home. This requires a slight organizational effort on your side and will help the pros do their job efficiently. Then, stick around while movers pack your stuff, and just point at what needs to go where without additional hassle.

    Sort out your possessions to minimize stress levels while movers pack your stuff

    Even if you’ve booked a full packing service, your movers will never determine what to pack and what to toss on their own. While movers pack your stuff, it’s up to you what’s coming with you to your new home. So, make sure you have your belongings sorted. Determine if you need storage services for some of your items. Packers will fill individual moving boxes with items from a particular room, and label them accordingly. If you need your belongings sorted in a more precise system, sort them out accordingly. Moreover, be present while movers pack your stuff, and communicate with the packers any of your specific needs. This is to ensure that everything goes the way it suits you best, to later set up your new household.

    Labeled boxes
    Sort out your belongings and determine what should be packed and moved with you, and what needs to be left behind or stored away

    Keep away your children and pets

    The energy levels of your children and pets mixed with a house full of movers will create a mess unless you take care of this. So, ensure they are out of the way while movers pack your belongings. Your pets will do fine in an empty room with some food and pet toys. If you can’t arrange off-site care for your children, ensure you entertain them with some good content on your iPad, a board game, or a short visit to the park.

    In conclusion, if you prepare adequately, you will love the experience of having your belongings professionally handled for relocation. Our expert tips will help you know what to expect, and what to do while movers pack your stuff. Make good use of them and ensure a seamless relocation, that exceeds your expectations.

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